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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2016-2017

Palm Beach State College

Criminal Justice Academy -Law Enforcement Officer PSAV

Law Enforcement Officer Program (5600)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Clock Hours: 484
CJK0001 Introduction to Law Enforcement (PSAV) 10
CJK0012 Legal (PSAV) 62
CJK0013 Interactions in a Diverse Community (PSAV) 40
CJK0014 Interviewing and Report Writing (PSAV) 56
CJK0064 Fundamentals of Patrol (PSAV) 35
CJK0065 Calls for Service (PSAV) 36
CJK0077 Criminal Investigations (PSAV) 50
CJK0078 Crime Scene to Courtroom (PSAV) 35
CJK0040 Criminal Justice Firearms (PSAV) 80
CJK0051 Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics (PSAV) 80
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Clock Hours: 286
CJK0422 Dart-Firing Stun Gun (PSAV) 8
CJK0096 Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training (LE) (PSAV) 60
CJK0092 Critical Incidents (PSAV) 44
CJK0087 Traffic Stops (PSAV) 30
CJK0084 DUI Traffic Stops (PSAV) 24
CJK0088 Traffic Crash Investigations (PSAV) 32
CJK0020 CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations (PSAV) 48
CJK0031 CMS First Aide For Criminal Justice Officers (PSAV) 40
Total Program Clock Hours: 770