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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2016-2017

Palm Beach State College

Criminal Justice Academy-Corrections Officer PSAV

Corrections Officer Program  (5601)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Clock Hours: 310
CJK0300 Introduction to Corrections (PSAV) 32
CJK0305 Correctional Communications (PSAV) 40
CJK0310 Correctional Officer Safety (PSAV) 16
CJK0315 Correctional Facility and Equipment (PSAV) 8
CJK0320 Correctional Intake and Release (PSAV) 18
CJK0040 Criminal Justice Firearms (PSAV) 80
CJK0031 CMS First Aide For Criminal Justice Officers (PSAV) 40
CJK0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility (PSAV) 40
CJK0330 Supervising Special Populations (PSAV) 20
CJK0335 Responding to Correctional Incidents and Emergencies (PSAV) 16
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Clock Hours: 110
CJK0340 Correctional Officer Wellness and Physical Abilities (PSAV) 30
CJK0051 Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics (PSAV) 80
Total Program Clock Hours: 420