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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2016-2017

Palm Beach State College

Emergency Management CCC

Emergency Mgmt Specialist  (6437)
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Credits: 9
FFP1822 Introduction to Emergency Management and Homeland Security (AS) 3
FFP1820 Basic Emergency Planning Concepts (AS) 3
FFP1841 Business Contingency Planning (AS) 3
Term Three - Summer (Year One) Credits: 6
FFP1830 Hazards Analysis and Impacts (AS) 3
FFP1882 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Operations and Design (AS) 3
Term One - Fall (Year Two) Credits: 9
FFP2842 Defending Communities, Bridging Disaster Preparedness, Recovery, Mitigation (AS) 3
EVR2266 Survey of Environmental Mapping/GIS/Remote Sensing 3
FFP2840 Emergency Response and Recovery Operations (AS) 3
Total Program Credits: 24