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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2016-2017

Palm Beach State College

Graphic Design Technology-Multimedia Arts CCC

Multimedia Arts  (6022)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Credits: 12
ART1201C Design Fundamentals (AA) 3
ART1300C Drawing 1 (AA) 3
GRA2131C Multimedia Graphics (AS) 3
GRA1190C Graphic Design 1 (AA) 3
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Credits: 12
GRA2132C Multimedia Design (AS) 3
GRA2160C Multimedia Animation (AS) 3
GRA2144C Graphic Web Design (AS) 3
ART1205C Color Design (AA) 3
Total Program Credits: 24
* Those students going on to the A.S. degree would reduce their A.S elective courses to 1 credit.