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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2019-2020

Palm Beach State College



ID Title
ACG2022 Financial Accounting (AA)
ACG2071 Managerial Accounting (AA)
ACG2100 Intermediate Accounting (AS)
ACG2360 Cost Accounting (AS)
ACG2450 Microcomputer Operations Accounting (AS)
ACR0066 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technician 2 (PSAV)
ACR0307 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 1 (PSAV)
ACR0430 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 3 (PSAV)
ACR0501 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Helper 1 (PSAV)
ACR0530 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic Assistant 1 (PSAV)
ACR0549 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Helper 2 (PSAV)
ACR0622 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 2 (PSAV)
ACR0706 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic Assistant 2 (PSAV)
ACR0710 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technician 1 (PSAV)
ACR0816 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic 4 (PSAV)
ACR0930-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (First Year) (PSAV)
ACR0931-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (First Year-Summer) (PSAV)
ACR0932-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (Second Year) (PSAV)
ACR0933-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (Second Year-Summer)(PSAV)
ACR0934-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (Third Year) (PSAV)
ACR0935-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (Third Year-Summer) (PSAV)
ACR0936-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (Fourth Year) (PSAV)
ACR0937-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship Co-op (Fourth Year-Summer) (PSAV)
ACR0940 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 1 (PSAV)
ACR0941 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 2 (PSAV)
ACR0942 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 3 (PSAV)
ACR0943 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 4 (PSAV)
ACR0944 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 5 (PSAV)
ACR0945 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 6 (PSAV)
ACR0946 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 7 (PSAV)
ACR0947 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship 8 (PSAV)
ACR0961 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technician 3 (PSAV)
AER0014 Introduction to Automotive Services (PSAV)
AER0025 Maintenance and Light Repair Technician 1 (PSAV)
AER0026 Maintenance and Light Repair Technician 2 (PSAV)
AER0027 Maintenance and Light Repair Technician 3 (PSAV)
AER0028 Maintenance and Light Repair Technician 4 (PSAV)
AER0199 Automotive Engine Repair (PSAV)
AER0299 Automotive Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles (PSAV)
AER0399 Automotive Manual Transmissions and Transaxles (PSAV)
AER0499 Automotive Steering And Suspension (PSAV)
AER0599 Automotive Brake Systems (PSAV)
AER0691 Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems 1 (PSAV)
AER0692 Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems 2 (PSAV)
AER0759 Automotive Heating And Air Conditioning (PSAV)
AER0891 Automotive Engine Performance 1 (PSAV)
AER0892 Automotive Engine Performance 2 (PSAV)
AMH2010 United States History To 1865 (AA)
AMH2020 United States History from 1865 to Present (AA)
AMH2091 African-American History (AA)
AML2010 American Literature to 1865 (AA)
AML2020 American Literature After 1865 (AA)
AML2600 African American Literature (AA)
AML2631 Hispanic American Literature (AA)
AML2660 Jewish American Literature (AA)
ANT2000 Anthropology (AA)
ANT2100 Introduction to Archaeology (AA)
ANT2100L Introduction to Archaeology Lab (AA)
APA1111 Bookkeeping (AS)
APA2172 Computerized Bookkeeping (AS)
ARC1002 Introduction to Architecture (AA)
ARC1131C Architecture Graphics 1 (AA)
ARC1132C Architecture Graphics 2 (AA)
ARC1301C Architectural Design 1 (AA)
ARC1302C Architectural Design 2 (AA)
ARC1701 History of Architecture 1 (AA)
ARC1702 History of Architecture 2 (AA)
ARC2180CR Intro to Digital Architecture (AA)
ARC2190CR The Architecture Portfolio (AA)
ARC2201 Theory of Architecture (AA)
ARC2303C Architectural Design 3 (AA)
ARC2304C Architectural Design 4 (AA)
ARC2461 Materials and Methods of Construction 1 (AA)
ARC2501 Structures (AA)
ARH1000 Art Appreciation (AA)
ARH2050 Art History: Ancient to Renaissance (AA)
ARH2051 Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary (AA)
ART1201C Design Fundamentals (AA)
ART1203C Three-Dimensional Design (AA)
ART1205C Color Design (AA)
ART1300C Drawing 1 (AA)
ART1301C Drawing 2 (AA)
ART1750C Ceramics 1 (AA)
ART1751C Ceramics 2 (AA)
ART2330C Life Drawing (AA)
ART2500C Painting 1 (AA)
ART2501C Painting 2 (AA)
ART2502C Figure Painting (AA)
ART2600C Digital Imagery for the Fine Artist (AA)
ART2754C Sculpture 1 (AA)
AST1002 Descriptive Astronomy (AA)
AST1002L Descriptive Astronomy Lab (AA)


ID Title
BAN1004 Principles of Banking (AS)
BCA0350 Apprenticeship in Residential Wiring 1 (First Year - First Course) (PSAV)
BCA0351 Apprenticeship in Residential Wiring 2 (First Year - Second Course (PSAV)
BCA0352 Apprenticeship in Residential Wiring 3 (Second Year - Second Course ) (PSAV)
BCA0353 Apprenticeship in Electrical Wiring 4 (Second Year - Second Course) (PSAV)
BCA0354 Apprenticeship in Electrical Wiring 5 (Third Year - First Course) (PSAV)
BCA0355 Apprenticeship in Electrical Wiring 6 (Third Year - Second Course) (PSAV)
BCA0356 Apprenticeship in Electrical Wiring 7 (PSAV)
BCA0357 Apprenticeship in Electrical Wiring 8 (Fourth Year-Second Course) (PSAV)
BCA0358-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 1 (PSAV)
BCA0359-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 2 (PSAV)
BCA0361-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 3 (PSAV)
BCA0362-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 4 (PSAV)
BCA0364-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 5 (PSAV)
BCA0365-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 6 (PSAV)
BCA0367-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 7 (PSAV)
BCA0368-R Electrical Apprenticeship Co-op 8 (PSAV)
BCV0600 Electrician Helper 1 (PSAV)
BCV0601 Electrician Helper 2 (PSAV)
BCV0641 Residential Wiring 1 (PSAV)
BCV0642 Residential Wiring 2 (PSAV)
BCV0644 Residential Wiring 3 (PSAV)
BCV0655 Commercial Wiring 3 (PSAV)
BCV0660 Commercial Wiring 1 (PSAV)
BCV0661 Commercial Wiring 2 (PSAV)
BOT1010 General Botany (AA)
BOT1010L General Botany Lab (AA)
BOT2000 Plant Physiology (AS)
BSC1005 Concepts in Biology (AA)
BSC1005L Concepts in Biology Lab (AA)
BSC1010 Principles of Biology 1 (AA)
BSC1010L Principles of Biology 1 Lab (AA)
BSC1011 Principles of Biology 2 (AA)
BSC1011L Principles of Biology 2 Lab (AA)
BSC1404C Introduction to Biotechnological Methods (AS)
BSC2085 Anatomy and Physiology 1 (AA)
BSC2085L Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab (AA)
BSC2086 Anatomy and Physiology 2 (AA)
BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab (AA)
BSC2416C Introduction to Tissue Culture Lab (AA)
BSC2420 Biotechnology 1 (AA)
BSC2420L Biotechnology 1 Lab (AA)
BSC2421 Introduction to Biotechnology (AA)
BSC2421L Introduction to Biotechnology Lab (AA)
BSC2426C Introduction to Biotechnology Instrumentation Lab (AA)
BSC2427 Biotechnology 2, Molecular Biology, Cell and Immunobiology (AA)
BSC2427L Biotechnology 2, Molecular Biology, Cell and Immunobiology Lab (AA)
BSC2435 Introduction to Bioinformatics (AA)
BSC2945C Biotechnology Internship (AA)
BUL2241 Business Law 1 (AA)
BUL2242 Business Law 2 (AA)
BUL3130 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (BAS)


ID Title
CAP2140 Digital Forensics 1 (AS)
CCJ1010 Introduction to Criminology (AA)
CCJ1020 Administration of Criminal Justice (AA)
CCJ1618 Criminal Psychology (AA)
CCJ2647 Organized Crime (AA)
CET2113C Digital Electronics (AS)
CET2117C Microprocessors and Digital Logic (AS)
CET2127C Programmable Logic Controllers (AS)
CET2792 Installing and Configuring Windows Server (AA)
CET2793 Windows Network Infrastructure (AA)
CET2794 Microsoft Network Administration (AA)
CGS1100 Microcomputer Applications (AA)
CGS1513 Electronic Spreadsheets (AS)
CGS1543 Database Management (AS)
CGS1800 Introduction to Web Site Development (AS)
CGS2555 Introduction to the Internet (AA)
CGS2801 Advanced Web Page Media (AS)
CGS2802 Web Site Administration (AS)
CHD1220 Child Development, Infancy/Preschool (AS)
CHM1025 Introductory Chemistry (AA)
CHM1032 Principles of Chemistry (AA)
CHM1032L Principles of Chemistry Lab (AA)
CHM1045 General Chemistry 1 (AA)
CHM1045L General Chemistry 1 Lab (AA)
CHM1046 General Chemistry 2 (AA)
CHM1046L General Chemistry 2 Lab (AA)
CHM2210 Organic Chemistry 1 (AA)
CHM2210L Organic Chemistry 1 Lab (AA)
CHM2211 Organic Chemistry 2 (AA)
CHM2211L Organic Chemistry 2 Lab (AA)
CIS2321 System Analysis and Design (AS)
CIS2513 Information Technology Project Management (AS)
CIS2940-A Computer Technology Internship A (AS)
CIS2940-B Computer Technology Internship B (AS)
CIS2940-C Computer Technology Internship C (AS)
CJB1465 Injury and Death Investigation (AS)
CJB1711 Introduction to Crime Scene Technology (AS)
CJB1712 Crime Scene Photography 1 (AS)
CJB1721 Advanced Crime Scene Technology (AS)
CJB1722 Crime Scene Photography 2 (AS)
CJB2703 Crime Scene Safety (AS)
CJB2704 Courtroom Presentation of Scientific Evidence (AS)
CJB2713 Introduction to Forensic Science (AA)
CJB2735 Fingerprint Classification (AS)
CJB2736 Latent Fingerprint Development (AS)
CJB2748 Biological Evidence (AS)
CJE1300 Police Administration 1 (AA)
CJE1301 Police Administration 2 (AA)
CJE1711 Criminal Justice Capstone Course (AS)
CJE2600 Criminal Investigation (AA)
CJJ2002 Juvenile Delinquency (AA)
CJK0001 Introduction to Law Enforcement (PSAV)
CJK0012 Legal (PSAV)
CJK0013 Interactions in a Diverse Community (PSAV)
CJK0014 Interviewing and Report Writing (PSAV)
CJK0020 CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations (PSAV)
CJK0023 Introduction to Law Enforcement (PSAV)
CJK0024 Legal Concepts (PSAV)
CJK0025 Patrol and Professional Communication (PSAV)
CJK0026 Interactions in a Diverse Community (PSAV)
CJK0027 Calls for Service and Arrest Procedures (PSAV)
CJK0028 Traffic Stops and Crash Investigations (PSAV)
CJK0029 Crime Scene and Courtroom Procedures (PSAV)
CJK0031 CMS First Aide For Criminal Justice Officers (PSAV)
CJK0040 Criminal Justice Firearms (PSAV)
CJK0051 Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics (PSAV)
CJK0064 Fundamentals of Patrol (PSAV)
CJK0065 Calls for Service (PSAV)
CJK0077 Criminal Investigations (PSAV)
CJK0078 Crime Scene to Courtroom (PSAV)
CJK0084 DUI Traffic Stops (PSAV)
CJK0087 Traffic Stops (PSAV)
CJK0088 Traffic Crash Investigations (PSAV)
CJK0092 Critical Incidents (PSAV)
CJK0096 Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training (LE) (PSAV)
CJK0294 Correctional Crossover to Law Enforcement Patrol 2 (PSAV)
CJK0300 Introduction to Corrections (PSAV)
CJK0305 Correctional Communications (PSAV)
CJK0310 Correctional Officer Safety (PSAV)
CJK0315 Correctional Facility and Equipment (PSAV)
CJK0320 Correctional Intake and Release (PSAV)
CJK0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility (PSAV)
CJK0330 Supervising Special Populations (PSAV)
CJK0335 Responding to Correctional Incidents and Emergencies (PSAV)
CJK0340 Correctional Officer Wellness and Physical Abilities (PSAV)
CJK0393 Crossover Program Updates (PSAV)
CJK0422 Dart-Firing Stun Gun (PSAV)
CJK0930 Directed Study in Criminal Justice (PSAV)
CJK1933-A Applied Law Enforcement Officer Competencies (AS)
CJL1062 Introduction to Constitutional Law (AA)
CJL2100 Criminal Law (AA)
CJL2130 Laws of Evidence (AA)
CJL2403 Law of Arrest, Search, and Seizure (AA)
CLP2001 Personality Development and Adjustment (AA)
CLP2140 Abnormal Psychology (AA)
CNT2000 Network Technologies (AA)
CNT2402 Implementing and Administering Network Security (AS)
CNT4406 Network Security and Cryptography (BAS)
CNT4408 Information System Security (BAS)
COP1000 Introduction to Programming (AA)
COP1030 Python with Raspberry Pi (AA)
COP1220 Introduction to Programming in C (AA)
COP1332 Visual Basic Programming (AA)
COP1933-A Applied Technical Skills - Certified Internet Web (CIW) Associate Design Specialist (PROSO001) (AS)
COP1933-B Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) - ASP.NET Developer (MICRO062) (AS)
COP1933-C Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) - Web Developer (MICRO043) (AS)
COP1933-D Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Distributed Applications (MICRO047) (AS)
COP1933-E Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Windows Applications (MICRO049) (AS)
COP1933-F Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Web Applications (MICRO048) (AS)
COP2334 Programming in C++ (AA)
COP2360 C# Programming (AA)
COP2654 Objective C Programming (AA)
COP2657 Cross Platform Mobile App Development (AA)
COP2660 Android Programming (AA)
COP2664 iOS App Programming (AA)
COP2700 Introduction to Database (AA)
COP2800 Programming in Java (AA)
COP2805 Advanced Java Programming (AA)
COP2822 Web Site Design (AA)
COP2831 Advanced Web Page Applications (XML and JavaScript) (AA)
COP2840 Server-side Programming (AA)
COP3530 Programming Languages and Concepts (BAS)
COP4834 Web Scripting (BAS)
COS0150 Introduction to Barbering (PSAV)
COS0151 Hair Shaping 1 for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0152 Hair Shaping 2 for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0153 Chemicals for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0154 Hair Color for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0155 Salon Management for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0156 Shaving and Skin Care for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0157 Salon Practice 1 for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0158 Salon Practice 2 for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0200 Cosmetology 1 - Introduction (PSAV)
COS0301 Cosmetology Hair Shaping 2 (PSAV)
COS0400 Cosmetology Hair Shaping 1 (PSAV)
COS0415 Advanced Hair Design for Barbers (PSAV)
COS0600 Cosmetology 5 - Chemicals (PSAV)
COS0700 Cosmetology 6 - Haircolor (PSAV)
COS0870 Cosmetology 4 - Salon Management (PSAV)
CPO2002 Comparative Governments (AA)
CRW2001 Creative Writing (AA)
CRW2100 Introduction to Fiction Writing 1 (AA)
CRW2101 Introduction to Fiction Writing 2 (AA)
CRW2300 Introduction to Poetry Writing (AA)
CSP0010 Manicuring, Pedicuring, and Nail Extensions (PSAV)
CSP0011 Salon Practice Lab 2 (PSAV)
CSP0013 Nail Specialist (PSAV)
CSP0240 Facials (PSAV)
CSP0260 Facial Specialist (PSAV)
CSP0300 Salon Practice Lab 1 (PSAV)
CTS1110 Microcomputer Operating Systems (AS)
CTS1150 Computer Maintenance and Repair (AS)
CTS1650 Network Essentials (AS)
CTS1933-A Applied Technical Skills - Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNPT001) (AS)
CTS1933-B Applied Technical Skills - Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) (CISCO005) (AS)
CTS1933-C Applied Technical Skills - CompTIA Network+ (COMPT006) (AS)
CTS1933-D Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) (MICRO006) (AS)
CTS1933-E Applied Technical Skills - CompTIA Server+ (COMPT009) (AS)
CTS1933-F Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) (MICRO012) Programming (AS)
CTS1933-G Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) (MICRO012) Networking Administration (AS)
CTS1933-H Applied Technical Skills - Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCIT) Server Administrator (MICRO034) (AS)
CTS2120 Security Essentials (AS)
CTS2301 Linux Fundamentals (AS)
CTS2314 Attack Prevention and Detection (AS)
CTS2446 Introduction to Oracle Database Programming (AS)
CTS2447 Oracle Database Advanced PL-SQL (AS)
CTS2651 Router Technology (AS)
CTS2652 Advanced Routing Technology (AS)
CTS2653 Cisco Project Based Learning (AS)
CTS2655 Rounting and Switching Fundamentals (AS)
CTS2661 Cisco CCENT Certification Prep Exam (AS)
CTS2664 Router and Switch Security (AS)
CTS2930-A Special Topic - Network Infrastructure Design (AS)
CTS4425 ASP.NET Web Application Development (BAS)


ID Title
DEA0130 Related Dental Theory (PSAV)
DEA0137 Oral, Head and Neck Anatomy (PSAV)
DEA0153 Dental Psychology and Communication (PSAV)
DEA0743 Preventive Dentistry (PSAV)
DEA0744 Dental Materials (PSAV)
DEA0744L Dental Materials Lab (PSAV)
DEA0746 Dental Office Emergencies (PSAV)
DEA0747 Office Management (PSAV)
DEA0755 Dental Radiology (PSAV)
DEA0755L Dental Radiology Lab (PSAV)
DEA0757 Expanded Functions (PSAV)
DEA0757L Expanded Functions Lab (PSAV)
DEA0758 Introduction to Clinical Procedures (PSAV)
DEA0758L Introduction to Clinical Procedures Lab (PSAV)
DEA0800 Clinical Practice 1 (PSAV)
DEA0800L Clinical Practice 1 Lab (PSAV)
DEA0801 Clinical Practice 2 (PSAV)
DEA0801L Clinical Practice 2 Lab (PSAV)
DEA0850 Dental Assisting Clinical Practice 3 (PSAV)
DEA0850L Clinical Practice 3 Lab (PSAV)
DEA0940L Dental Practicum 1 Lab (PSAV)
DEA0941L Dental Practicum 2 Lab (PSAV)
DEH1003 Dental Hygiene Instrumentation (AS)
DEH1003L Dental Hygiene Instrumentation Lab (AS)
DEH1130 Oral Embryology and Histology (AS)
DEH1800 Dental Hygiene 1 (AS)
DEH1800L Dental Hygiene 1 Lab (AS)
DEH1802 Dental Hygiene 2 (AS)
DEH1802L Dental Hygiene 2 Lab (AS)
DEH1811 Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence (AS)
DEH2300 Pharmacology (AS)
DEH2400 General and Oral Pathology (AS)
DEH2602 Periodontology (AS)
DEH2701 Community Dentistry (AS)
DEH2702L Community Dentistry Practicum (AS)
DEH2804 Dental Hygiene 3 (AS)
DEH2804L Dental Hygiene 3 Lab (AS)
DEH2806 Dental Hygiene 4 (AS)
DEH2806L Dental Hygiene 4 Lab (AS)
DEH2934 Compromised Patient (AS)
DEP2004 Human Growth and Development (AA)
DEP2102 Child Growth and Development (AA)
DES1020 Dental Anatomy (AS)
DES1100 Dental Materials (AS)
DES1100L Dental Materials Lab (AS)
DES1200 Dental Radiology (AS)
DES1200L Dental Radiology Lab (AS)
DES1600 Office Emergencies (AS)
DES1800 Introduction to Clinical Procedures (AS)
DES1800L Introduction to Clinical Procedures Lab (AS)
DES1832 Expanded Functions Lecture (AS)
DES1832L Expanded Functions Lab (AS)
DES1840 Preventive Dentistry (AS)
DES2502 Office Management (AS)
DIG2300C Principles of 2D Animation (AS)
DIG2302C Principles of 3D Animation (AS)
DIG2322C Modeling for Real Time Systems (AS)
DIG2341C Introduction to Compositing and Visual Effects (AS)
DIG2370C Advanced 3D Animation - Character Design and Rigging (AS)
DIG2430C Digital Story Development for Film Animation (AS)
DIM0004 Introduction to Diesel Technology (PSAV)
DIM0006 Diesel Engine Systems 2 (PSAV)
DIM0007 Heavy Truck Brake Systems 1 (PSAV)
DIM0008 Heavy Truck Brake Systems 2 (PSAV)
DIM0014 Diesel Engine Systems 1 (PSAV)
DIM0101 Diesel Engine Mechanic/Technician Helper (PSAV)
DIM0103 Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PSAV)
DIM0106 Hydraulic Systems (PSAV)
DIM0131 Diesel Air Brakes Technician (PSAV)
DIM0153 Diesel Maintenance Service Technician (PSAV)
DIM0201 Drive Train Systems (PSAV)
DIM0302 Electrical and Electronic Systems 1 (PSAV)
DIM0303 Electrical and Electronic Systems 2 (PSAV)
DIM0500 Truck Steering and Suspension (PSAV)
DIM0610 Heating and Air Conditioning (PSAV)
DIM0840 Introduction to Heavy Equipment Mechanic (PSAV)
DIM0841 Heavy Equipment Mechanic Systems (PSAV)
DIM0842 Heavy Equipment Engine Systems (PSAV)
DIM0843 Electrical/Electronic Systems in Heavy Equipment 1 (PSAV)
DIM0844 Electrical/Electronic Systems in Heavy Equipment 2 (PSAV)
DIM0845 Preventive Maintenance Inspection in Heavy Equipment (PSAV)
DIM0846 Hydraulic Systems in Heavy Equipment (PSAV)
DIM0847 Heavy Equipment Steering/Suspension (PSAV)
DIM0848 Drive Train Systems in Heavy Equipment 1 (PSAV)
DIM0849 Drive Train Systems in Heavy Equipment 2 (PSAV)
DIM0850 Heavy Equipment Brake Systems (PSAV)
DIM0851 Heating and Air Conditioning Systems in Heavy Equipment (PSAV)
DSC1002 Terrorism and U.S. Security (AA)
DSC1242 Transportation and Border Security (AS)
DSC1590 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management (AS)


ID Title
EAP0100 Speaking and Listening Level 1 (Dev Ed)
EAP0120 Reading Foundations A (Dev Ed)
EAP0160 Grammar Foundations A (Dev Ed)
EAP0200 Speaking and Listening Level 2 (Dev Ed)
EAP0220 Reading Foundations B (Dev Ed)
EAP0260 Grammar Foundations B (Dev Ed)
EAP0300 Speaking and Listening Level 3 (Dev Ed)
EAP0320 Reading Foundations C (Dev Ed)
EAP0360 Grammar Foundations C (Dev Ed)
EAP0400 Speaking and Listening Level 4 (Dev Ed)
EAP0420 Intermediate Reading (Dev Ed)
EAP0460 Intermediate Grammar (Dev Ed)
EAP1500 Speaking and Listening Level 5 (AA)
EAP1520 High Intermediate Reading (AA)
EAP1584 High Intermediate English (AA)
EAP1600 Speaking and Listening Level 6 (AA)
EAP1620 Advanced Reading (AA)
EAP1684 Advanced English (AA)
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (AA)
ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics (AA)
ECT2180 Curriculum Construction: Career and Technical Education (CTE) (AA)
EDF1030 Behavior Management in the Classroom (AA)
EDF2005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (AA)
EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators (AA)
EDG1314 Education Practicum 1 (AS)
EDG1315 Education Practicum 2 (AS)
EDP2002 Introduction to Educational Psychology (AA)
EEC1001 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (AA)
EEC1300 Early Childhood Language Arts (AS)
EEC1311 Early Childhood Science, Social Studies and Math (AS)
EEC1312 Early Childhood Fine Arts and Movement (AS)
EEC1522 Infant/Toddler Environments (AS)
EEC1523 Overview of Child Care Center Management (AS)
EEC1601 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood (AS)
EEC2002 Child Care and Education Organization Leadership Management (AS)
EEC2201 Developing Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers (AS)
EEC2202 Child Care and Education Programming (AS)
EEC2271 Teaching Children with Special Needs (AS)
EEC2407 Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization in Infants and Toddlers (AS)
EEC2521 Child Care and Education Financial and Legal Issues (AS)
EEC2710 Conflict Resolution in Early Childhood (AS)
EEC2734 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child (AS)
EET1015C DC Circuit Analysis (AS)
EET1025C AC Circuit Analysis (AS)
EET1084C Electrical Circuits and Electronics (AS)
EET1141C Analog Devices (AS)
EET1142C Analog Circuits (AS)
EET1215C Introduction to Electronics (AS)
EET1610C Through-Hole Surface Mount Soldering (AS)
EET2214C LabView Instrumentation (AS)
EET2325C Electronic Communications Systems (AS)
EET2609C Electronic Fabrication and Fiber Optics (AS)
EET2620C Advanced Surface Mount Soldering Technology (AS)
EET2724C Schematic Capture and Modeling (AS)
EET2930C Special Topics in Electrical Engineering (AS)
EEV0162 Level 1 Low Voltage Technician (PSAV)
EEV0163 Level 2 Low Voltage Technician (PSAV)
EEV0164 Level 3 Low Voltage Technician (PSAV)
EEV0165 Level 4 Low Voltage Technician (PSAV)
EEV0166 Level 5 Low Voltage Technician (PSAV)
EEX2010 Introduction to Special Education (AA)
EGN1002C Introduction to Engineering (AA)
EME2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators (AA)
EMS0000 Public Safety Telecommunicator (PSAV)
EMS0110 Emergency Medical Technician (PSAV)
EMS1158C Emergency Medical Technician (AS)
EMS2620C Paramedic 1 (AS)
EMS2621C Paramedic 2 (AS)
EMS2622C Paramedic 3 (AS)
EMS2658 Paramedic Clinical 3 (AS)
EMS2659 Paramedic Field Internship (AS)
EMS2664 Paramedic Clinical 1 (AS)
EMS2665 Paramedic Clinical 2 (AS)
ENC0017 College Reading and Writing (Dev Ed)
ENC0050 College Grammar Essentials (Dev Ed)
ENC0051 College Sentence Essentials (Dev Ed)
ENC0052 College Writing Essentials (Dev Ed)
ENC1101 College Composition 1 (AA)
ENC1102 College Composition 2 (AA)
ENC1141 Writing About Literature (AA)
ENL2012 English Literature Before 1800 (AA)
ENL2022 English Literature After 1800 (AA)
ENT1000 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (AA)
ENT2010 New Venture Management (AA)
ENT2112 Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture (AA)
ENT2120 Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs (AA)
ENT4013 Planning New Ventures (BAS)
ENT4124 Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs (BAS)
ENT4704 International Entrepreneurship (BAS)
ENT4900 Capstone Experience: Entrepreneurship (BAS)
EPI0001 Classroom Management (IC)
EPI0002 Instructional Strategies (IC)
EPI0003 Educational Technology (IC)
EPI0004 The Teaching and Learning Process (IC)
EPI0010 Foundations of Research-Based Practices in Reading (IC)
EPI0020 Professional Foundations (IC)
EPI0030 Diversity in the Classroom (IC)
EPI0950 Teaching Methods Practicum (IC)
EPI1933 Applied Career and Technical Education Competencies (AS)
ESC1000 Earth Science (AA)
ETD1102 Technical Drawing (AS)
ETD2218C Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (AS)
ETD2320C Introduction to AutoCAD (AS)
ETD2340C AutoCAD 2 (AS)
ETD2364C SolidWorks Fundamentals (AS)
ETD2371C Introduction to 3D Printing (AS)
ETD2372C Advanced Rapid Prototyping (AS)
ETD2941 Engineering Technology Internship (AS)
ETD2950C Special Topics in Engineering Technology (AS)
ETG2140C Statistics for Engineering (AS)
ETI1000 Industrial Tools and Equipment (AS)
ETI1701 Environmental Health and Safety (AS)
ETI2110 Introduction to Quality Assurance (AS)
ETI2121C Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing (AS)
ETI2402C Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AS)
ETI2622C Concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma (AS)
ETI2644 Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain (AS)
ETI2851C Applied Mechanics (AS)
ETI2941 EPT Internship (6 credits) (AS)
ETI2942 EPT Internship (3 credits) (AS)
ETM1010C Mechanical Measurements and Instruments (AS)
ETP1322 Electrical Power System (AS)
ETP1400C Distributed Electric Power Generation and Storage (AS)
ETP1402C Introduction to Solar Energy (AS)
ETP1510C Biofuels and Biomass (AS)
ETP1511C Introduction to Bio Fuels (AS)
ETP1530C Introduction to Wind Energy (AS)
ETP1550 Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Technologies (AS)
ETP2137C Electrical Distribution Substations (AS)
ETP2410C Photovoltaic Technology (AS)
ETS1810C Energy Efficient Buildings (AS)
ETS2352C Materials and Manufacturing Processes (AS)
ETS2520C Process Measurement Fundamentals (AS)
ETS2530C Process Control Technology (AS)
ETS2606C Robotics (AS)
ETS2633C Industrial Applications Using PLCs and Robotics (AS)
ETS2680C Mechatronics (AS)
ETS2700C Fluid and Pneumatic Controls (AS)
EVR1001 Introduction to Environmental Science (AA)
EVR1007 Florida's Environmental History (AA)
EVR2266 Survey of Environmental Mapping/GIS/Remote Sensing (AA)
EVR2858 Environmental Law (AA)
EVR2940 Cooperative Work Experience-Environmental Science (AA)
EVS2015 Writing for Science (AA)
EVS2020 Scientific Monitoring and Data Methods (AA)
EVS2193C Environmental Sampling Techniques (AA)
EVS2601 Hazardous Materials and Environmental Air Quality (AA)
EVS2870C Wildlife Ecology (AA)


ID Title
FFP0010 Firefighter 1 (PSAV)
FFP0020 Firefighter 2 (PSAV)
FFP1000 Introduction to Fire Science (AS)
FFP1301 Fire Hydraulics (AS)
FFP1505 Fire Prevention (AS)
FFP1540 Private Fire Protection Systems (AS)
FFP2120 Building Construction Fire Protection (AS)
FFP2206 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival (AS)
FFP2510 Related Fire Codes and Standards (AS)
FFP2521 Blueprint Reading and Plan Examination (AS)
FFP2612 Fire Behavior and Combustion (AS)
FFP2720 Company Officer and Leadership (AS)
FFP2740 Fire Service Course Delivery (AS)
FFP2741 Fire Service Course Design (AS)
FFP2770 Legal And Ethical Issues for the Fire Service (AS)
FFP2810 Firefighting Strategy and Tactics 1 (AS)
FFP2811 Firefighting Strategy and Tactics 2 (AS)
FIL1456C Production Design (AS)
FIL1461C Cinematography (AS)
FIL1518C Lighting and Grip (AS)
FIL1547C Mixing and Mastering for Recording Arts 1 (AS)
FIL1680C Film Producing and Production Management (AS)
FIL2000 Film Appreciation (AA)
FIL2002 Introduction to Film Studies (AA)
FIL2031 Film History to the 1940s (AA)
FIL2032 Film History Since the 1940s (AA)
FIL2044 History of Animation (AA)
FIL2100 Screenwriting (AS)
FIL2130 Advanced Screenwriting (AS)
FIL2420C Motion Picture Production 1 (AS)
FIL2425CR Feature Film Production Projects (AS)
FIL2432C Motion Picture Production 2 (AS)
FIL2470C Advanced Cinematography (AS)
FIL2480C Directing for Film (AS)
FIL2537C Introduction to Sound (AS)
FIL2538C Advanced Sound for Film (AS)
FIL2543C Film Sound Design (AS)
FIL2548C Mixing and Mastering for Recording Arts 2 (AS)
FIL2561C Advanced Editing (AS)
FIL2571C Introduction to Editing (AS)
FIL2589C Motion Picture Production 3 (AS)
FIL2681C Managing Post-Production for Directors, Producers and Cinematographers (AS)
FIL2910 Independent Project in Motion Picture and Television Production (AS)
FIL2941 Motion Picture Production Internship 1 (AS)
FIN3400 Principles of Financial Management (BAS)
FOS1201 Food Service Sanitation (AS)
FRE1120 Elementary French 1 (AA)
FRE1121 Elementary French 2 (AA)
FSS1220 Professional Cooking (AS)
FSS1220L Professional Cooking Lab (AS)
FSS1221C Quantity Food Production 1 (AS)
FSS2105 Purchasing for the Hospitality Industry (AS)
FSS2242C International Foods (AS)
FSS2500 Food and Beverage Cost Control (AS)


ID Title
GCO2230 Pumping and Irrigation Systems (AS)
GEA1000 Principles of Geography and Conservation (AA)
GEB1011 Introduction to Business (AA)
GEB1933 Applied Technical Skills - Certified Bookkeeper (AIOPB001) (AS)
GEB2214 Business Communications (AS)
GEB2941 Business Capstone (AS)
GEB2942C Business and Computer Science Internship (AS)
GEB3213 Business Writing (BAS)
GEB3375 Foundations of International Business (BAS)
GEB3453 Business Ethics and Stakeholder Management (BAS)
GEB4113 Entrepreneurship (BAS)
GEB4891 Strategic Management and Decision Making (BAS)
GEB4935 Capstone Experience: General Management (BAS)
GEB4940C Bachelors Internship (BAS)
GER1120 Elementary German 1 (AA)
GER1121 Elementary German 2 (AA)
GEY2000 Gerontology (AA)
GLY1000 Descriptive Geology (AA)
GLY2030C Environmental Geology (AA)
GRA1190C Graphic Design 1 (AA)
GRA1530C Typography (AS)
GRA2100C Introduction to Macintosh Graphics (AS)
GRA2121C Publication Design 1 (AS)
GRA2122C Publication Design 2 (AS)
GRA2131C Multimedia Graphics (AS)
GRA2132C Multimedia Design (AS)
GRA2136C Multimedia Video Editing (AS)
GRA2144C Graphic Web Design (AS)
GRA2151C Illustrator 1 (AS)
GRA2152C Illustrator 2 (AS)
GRA2156C Photoshop 1 (AS)
GRA2157C Photoshop 2 (AS)
GRA2160C Multimedia Animation (AS)
GRA2171C Portfolio Composition (AS)
GRA2191C Graphic Design 2 (AA)
GRA2722C Dreamweaver (AS)
GRA2940 Graphic Design Internship (AS)


ID Title
HCP0120 Nursing Assistant (PSAV)
HCP0300 Home Health Aide (PSAV)
HCP0620 Patient Care Assistant (PSAV)
HEV0001 Infant/Toddler Appropriate Practices (PSAV)
HEV0002 Preschool Appropriate Practices (PSAV)
HEV0003 School Age Appropriate Practices (PSAV)
HEV0004 Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practice (PSAV)
HEV0114 Rules and Regulations for Center-Based (PSAV)
HEV0115 Introductory Child Care Worker Certification (PSAV)
HEV0118 Rules and Regulations for Family Child Care (PSAV)
HEV0123 10-Hour Special Needs Appropriate Practices (PSAV)
HEV0130 Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) Module 1 (PSAV)
HEV0131 Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) Module 2 (PSAV)
HEV0132 Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) Module 3 (PSAV)
HEV0194 School Age Professional Certificate Mod 1 (PSAV)
HEV0195 School Age Professional Certificate Mod 2 (PSAV)
HEV0803 Part 1 - School Age Program Certification (PSAV)
HEV0804 Part 2 - Foundations of Advancing Youth Development (AYD) Principles (PSAV)
HEV0807 Caring for Children Birth - 3 Years Module 1 (PSAV)
HEV0808 Caring for Children Birth - 3 Years Module 2 (PSAV)
HEV0809 Caring for Children Birth - 3 Years Module 3 (PSAV)
HEV0999 ECPC/FCCPC Practical Experience (PSAV)
HFT1000 Introduction to the Hospitality Business (AS)
HFT1313 Hospitality Property Management (AS)
HFT1630 Management of Security in Hospitality Business (AS)
HFT1850C Dining Room Management (AS)
HFT2220 Personnel Management Practices (AS)
HFT2410 Hotel-Motel Front Office and Procedures (AS)
HFT2434 Club Management (AS)
HFT2510 Sales Promotion and Advertising in Hotels and Food Service (AS)
HFT2600 Hospitality Industry Law (AS)
HIM1000C Introduction to Health Information Management (AS)
HIM1012C Health Information Law, Ethics, and Compliance (AS)
HIM1210C Health Information System (AS)
HIM1215C Health Care Statistics and Research Methods (AS)
HIM1282C Fundamentals of Medical Coding (AS)
HIM1433C Pathophysiology for Health Information (AS)
HIM1442C Pharmacology for Health Information (AS)
HIM1610C Office Applications for Health Professions (AS)
HIM1800C Health Information Professional Practice (AS)
HIM2046L Skills Lab for Health Care Documentation and Transcription (AS)
HIM2047C Fundamentals of Health Care Documentation and Transcription (AS)
HIM2222C Applied Inpatient Coding (AS)
HIM2253C Applied Outpatient Coding (AS)
HIM2272C Medical Reimbursement and Revenue (AS)
HIM2304C Health Information Department Management (AS)
HIM2510C Health Care Data Analysis (AS)
HIM2512C Leadership for Health Professionals (AS)
HIM2651C Applied Health Informatics (AS)
HIM2803C Health Care Documentation Practicum (AS)
HIM2810L Advanced Coding Lab (AS)
HIM2826L Health Information Skills Lab (AS)
HOS1010 Introduction to Horticulture (AS)
HSA3110 Health Care Organization and Management (BAS)
HSA3160 Health Care Marketing (BAS)
HSA4109 Principles of Managed Care (BAS)
HSA4431 Health Care Operational Decision Making (BAS)
HSA4553 Ethics in Health Care (BAS)
HSA4938 Capstone Experience: Health Management (BAS)
HSC0003 Health Care Concepts (PSAV)
HSC0003L Health Care Concepts Lab (PSAV)
HSC1101 Contemporary Issues in Health (AA)
HSC2100 Health Concepts and Strategies (AA)
HSC2130 Human Sexuality Education (AA)
HSC2140 Drug Education (AA)
HSC2204 Community Health Education (AA)
HSC2531 Medical Terminology (AA)
HSC4500 Epidemiology (BAS)
HUN1201 Elements of Nutrition (AA)
HUS1001 Introduction to Human Services (AA)
HUS1200 Principles of Group Dynamics (AS)
HUS1203 Principles of Group Facilitation (AS)
HUS1302 Counseling and Interviewing (AS)
HUS1421 Assessment and Treatment Planning in Addictions (AS)
HUS1423 Group Counseling in Substance Abuse (AS)
HUS1424 Counseling the Chemically Dependent Person (AS)
HUS1440 Family Issues in Chemical Dependency (AS)
HUS1450 Dual Diagnosis (AS)
HUS1620 Principles and Best Practices in Afterschool Programs (AS)
HUS1640 Principles of Youth Work (AS)
HUS1850C Field Work/Internship in Human Services 1 (AS)
HUS2308 Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice (AS)
HUS2851C Field Work/Internship in Human Services 2 (AS)


ID Title
IDH2105 Honors Knowledge Through the Ages (AA)
IDH2911 Honors Research Process (AA)
IND1233C Design Studio 1 (AS)
IND1234C Design Studio 2 (AS)
IND1401C Technical Design (AS)
IND1935 Building and Barrier Free Codes (AS)
IND2100 History of Interiors 1 (AS)
IND2130 History of Interiors 2 (AS)
IND2237C Design Studio 3 (AS)
IND2238C Design Studio 4 (AS)
IND2261C Interior Detailing (AS)
IND2307C Interior Design Graphics (AS)
IND2420 Materials, Estimating and Specifications (AS)
IND2432C Interior Lighting (AS)
IND2460C CAD for Interiors 1 (AS)
IND2461 Building Systems (AS)
IND2463C CAD for Interiors 2 (AS)
IND2505 Professional Practices (AS)
IND2608 Sustainable Design (AS)
IND2941 Interior Design Internship (AS)
INR2002 International Relations (AA)
ISM3113 Systems Analysis and Design (BAS)
ISM3212 Database Management Systems (BAS)
ISM3314 Project Management (BAS)
ISM3318 Stakeholder and Communications Management (BAS)
ISM3334 Product, Service and Process Project Management (BAS)
ISM4011 Management Information Systems (BAS)
ISM4117 Data Mining and Data Warehousing (BAS)
ISM4210 Database Administration and Architecture (BAS)
ISM4211 Database Systems and Physical Design (BAS)
ISM4213 Advanced Database Management (BAS)
ISM4220 Business Data Communications, Telecommunications/Network (BAS)
ISM4312 Project and Change Management (BAS)
ISM4313 Managing IT Integration (BAS)
ISM4320 Applications in Information Security (BAS)
ISM4323 Security Management (BAS)
ISM4324 Computer Forensics (BAS)
ISM4330 Capstone Experience: Database Administration (BAS)
ISM4331 Capstone Experience: Security and Network Assurance (BAS)
ISM4332 Project Schedule and Cost Control (BAS)
ISM4881 Capstone Experience: Project Management (BAS)
ISS2940-A Social Science Internship (AA)
ISS2940-B Social Science Internship (AA)
ISS2940-C Social Science Internship (AA)


ID Title
JST2702 A History of the Holocaust and Contemporary Anti-Semitism (AA)


ID Title
LDE2000 Introduction to Landscape Design (AS)
LDE2510 Computer-Aided Landscape Design (AS)
LIN2740 Applied Linguistics (AA)
LIT1000 Introduction to Literature (AA)
LIT2050 Survey of Literary Humor (AA)
LIT2090 Contemporary Literature (AA)
LIT2110 World Literature Before the Renaissance (AA)
LIT2120 World Literature After the Renaissance (AA)
LIT2190 Introduction to Afro-Caribbean Literature (AA)
LIT2370 The Bible as Literature (AA)
LIT2380 Women In Literature (AA)


ID Title
MAC1105 College Algebra (AA)
MAC1114 Trigonometry (AA)
MAC1140 Precalculus (AA)
MAC1147 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry (AA)
MAC2233 Survey of Calculus (AA)
MAC2311 Calculus With Analytic Geometry 1 (AA)
MAC2312 Calculus With Analytic Geometry 2 (AA)
MAC2313 Calculus With Analytic Geometry 3 (AA)
MAD2104 Special Topics in Mathematics: Discrete Math (AA)
MAN2021 Principles of Management (AS)
MAN2542 Supply Chain Modeling (AS)
MAN3025 Administrative Management (BAS)
MAN3240 Organizational Theory and Management (BAS)
MAN3301 Human Resources Management (BAS)
MAN4120 Leadership Challenges and Supervision (BAS)
MAN4162 Customer Relations for Business (BAS)
MAN4401 Labor Relations Management (BAS)
MAN4504 Operational Decision Making (BAS)
MAN4520 Quality Management Control (BAS)
MAN4574 Acquisitions Management (BAS)
MAN4584 Project Risk Management (BAS)
MAN4802 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (BAS)
MAP2302 Differential Equations (AA)
MAR2011 Principles of Marketing (AA)
MAR4802 Marketing for Managers (BAS)
MAS2103 Linear Algebra (AA)
MAT0022 Developmental Algebra (Dev Ed)
MAT0055 Developmental Math 1 (Dev Ed)
MAT0056 Advanced Developmental Algebra (Dev Ed)
MAT1033C Intermediate Algebra (AA)
MAT1035 Concepts of Algebra (AA)
MAT1100 Quantitative Reasoning (AA)
MCB2010 Microbiology (AA)
MCB2010L Microbiology Lab (AA)
MEA0005 Introduction to Medical Assisting (PSAV)
MEA0230 Medical Terminology for Body Systems (PSAV)
MEA0231 Anatomy and Physiology (PSAV)
MEA0234 Diseases, Disorders, and Treatment for Medical Assisting 1 (PSAV)
MEA0237 Diseases, Disorders, and Treatment for Medical Assisting 2 (PSAV)
MEA0242 Pharmacology for the Medical Assistant (PSAV)
MEA0254 Basic Medical Laboratory Techniques for the Medical Assistant (PSAV)
MEA0258 Radiology for the Medical Assistant (PSAV)
MEA0310 Introduction to Medical Office Procedures (PSAV)
MEA0322 Advanced Medical Office Procedures (PSAV)
MEA0334 Medical Insurance and Coding (PSAV)
MEA0520 Phlebotomy for the Medical Assistant (PSAV)
MEA0540 Electrocardiography for the Medical Assistant (PSAV)
MEA0801 Externship in Medical Assisting (PSAV)
MGF1106 Liberal Arts Mathematics (AA)
MGF1107 Finite Mathematics (AA)
MKA1511 Advertising (AS)
MKA2021 Personal Selling (AS)
MMC1000 Survey of Communication (AA)
MMC1112 Basic News Writing for Mass Media (AA)
MMC1949C Mass Media Internship 1 (AA)
MNA2100 Human Relations in Business (AA)
MNA2345 Principles of Supervision (AS)
MSS0002 Introduction to Massage Therapy (PSAV)
MSS0252 Massage Therapy 1 (PSAV)
MSS0262 Massage Therapy 2 (PSAV)
MSS0263 Massage Therapy 3 (PSAV)
MTB1103 Business Mathematics (AS)
MTE0003 Marine Rigger (PSAV)
MTE0056 Inboard Diesel Engine Technician (PSAV)
MTE0074 Outboard and Inboard Engine Diagnostics Technician (PSAV)
MTE0090 Outboard Engine Technician (PSAV)
MTE0092 Inboard Gasoline Engine Technician (PSAV)
MTE0093 Drive Train Technician (PSAV)
MTG2206 College Geometry (AA)
MUH2018 History and Appreciation of Jazz (AA)
MUL1010 Music Appreciation (AA)
MUN1120-R Concert Band (AA)
MUN1310-R Concert Chorus (AA)
MUN1430-R Brass Ensemble (AA)
MUN1440-R Percussion Ensemble (AA)
MUN1492-R Guitar Ensemble (AA)
MUN1710-A 12 O'Clock Jazz Band (R) (AA)
MUN1710-C Jazz Combo (R) (AA)
MUN1710-D Tuesday Nite Jazz Band (R) (AA)
MUN1710-E Jazz Guitar Ensemble (R) (AA)
MUN1720-R Pop Vocal Ensemble (AA)
MUN2710-D Tuesday Nite Jazz Band (R) (AA)
MUS1621C Acoustics and Psychoacoustics (AS)
MUT1001 Fundamentals of Music (AA)
MUT1111 Music Theory 1 (AA)
MUT1112 Music Theory 2 (AA)
MUT1241L Ear Training and Sight Singing 1 (AA)
MUT1242L Ear Training and Sight Singing 2 (AA)
MUT2116 Music Theory 3 (AA)
MUT2117 Music Theory 4 (AA)
MUT2246L Ear Training and Sight Singing 3 (AA)
MUT2247L Ear Training and Sight Singing 4 (AA)
MUT2641L Instrumental Improvisation (AA)
MVB1311-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Trumpet Sect F (AA)
MVB1312-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Horn Sect F (AA)
MVB1313-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Trombone Sect F (AA)
MVB1314-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Baritone Horn Sect F (AA)
MVB1315-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Tuba Sect F (AA)
MVB2321-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Trumpet Sect S (AA)
MVB2323-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Trombone Sect S (AA)
MVB2324-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Baritone Horn Sect S (AA)
MVB2325-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Tuba Sect S (AA)
MVJ1210-R Applied Instruction Jazz Piano Freshman (AA)
MVJ1213-R Applied Instruction Jazz Guitar Freshman (AA)
MVJ1217-R Applied Instruction Bass Guitar Freshman (AA)
MVJ1313-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Jazz Guitar Sect F (AA)
MVJ1314-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Jazz Piano Sect F (AA)
MVJ1317-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Bass Guitar Sect F (AA)
MVJ2223-R Applied Instruction Jazz Guitar Sophomore (AA)
MVJ2323-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Jazz Guitar Sect S (AA)
MVJ2324-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Bass Guitar Sect S (AA)
MVK1111-A Class Instruction - Piano 1 (AA)
MVK1111-B Class Instruction - Piano 2 (AA)
MVK1211-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Piano Section F (AA)
MVK1311-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Piano Sect F (AA)
MVK2121L Class Instruction - Piano 3 (AA)
MVK2122L Class Instruction - Piano 4 (AA)
MVK2321-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Piano-Sophomore (AA)
MVK2324-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Jazz Piano Sec S (AA)
MVP1211-R Applied Instruction Percussion Freshman (AA)
MVP1311-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Percussion Sec F (AA)
MVP2321-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Percussion Sec S (AA)
MVS1116 Class Instruction Guitar 1 (AA)
MVS1316-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Guitar Sect F (AA)
MVS2326-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Guitar Sect S (AA)
MVV1111-A Class Instruction Voice 1 (AA)
MVV1211-R Music-Applied Instruction Voice Freshman Sect F (AA)
MVV1311-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Voice Sect F (AA)
MVV2221-R Music-Applied Instruction Voice Sophomore Sect S (AA)
MVV2321-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Voice Sect S (AA)
MVW1311-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Flute Sect F (AA)
MVW1312-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Oboe Sect F (AA)
MVW1313-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Clarinet Sect F (AA)
MVW1315-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Saxophone Sect F (AA)
MVW2321-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Flute Sect S (AA)
MVW2323-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Clarinet Sect S (AA)
MVW2325-R Music-Applied-Private Instruction Saxophone Sect S (AA)


ID Title
NUR1022L Introduction to Concepts for Nursing Practice 1 Skills (AS)
NUR1023 Introduction to Concepts for Nursing Practice 1 (AS)
NUR1023L Introduction to Concepts for Nursing Practice 1 Clinical (AS)
NUR1024 Critical Thinking in Nursing (AS)
NUR1141 Introduction to Pharmacotherapeutics (AS)
NUR1213 Concepts for Nursing Practice 2 (AS)
NUR1213L Concepts for Nursing Practice 2 Clinical (AS)
NUR1214L Concepts for Nursing Practice 2 Skills (AS)
NUR2261 Concepts for Nursing Practice 3 (AS)
NUR2261L Concepts for Nursing Practice 3 Clinical (AS)
NUR2712C Concepts for Nursing Practice 4 (AS)
NUR2943L Preceptorship Experience (AS)
NUR3069 Advance Health Assessment (BS)
NUR3119 Heritage of Nursing Concepts/Theories (BS)
NUR3125 Advanced Pathophysiology for Nursing (BS)
NUR3164 Nursing Research and Informatics (BS)
NUR3678 Nursing Care for the Geriatric Patient and Other Vulnerable Populations (BS)
NUR3825 Transitional Nursing Role Perspectives (BS)
NUR4107 Nursing Perspectives/Global Trends (BS)
NUR4636C Community Health Nursing (BS)
NUR4655 Nursing in a Multicultural Society (BS)
NUR4827C Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (BS)
NUR4847 Clinical Decision Making/Critical Thinking (BS)
NUR4945 Capstone Experience: Nursing (BS)


ID Title
OCE1001 Introduction to Oceanography (AA)
OPT1110 Physical and Geometric Optics (AS)
OPT1150 Ophthalmic Lenses (AS)
OPT1210 Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye (AS)
OPT1330 Introduction to Vision Care 1 (AS)
OPT2090 Introduction to Vision Care 2 (AS)
OPT2222 Ocular Pathology and Pharmacology 1 (AS)
OPT2223 Ocular Pathology and Pharmacology 2 (AS)
OPT2350 Advanced Ophthalmic Procedures 1 (AS)
OPT2351 Advanced Ophthalmic Procedures 2 (AS)
OPT2375 Refractometry (AS)
OPT2375L Refractometry Lab (AS)
OPT2500 Contact Lens Theory (AS)
OPT2800L Vision Care Lab 1 (AS)
OPT2801L Vision Care Lab 2 (AS)
OPT2940 Ophthalmic Medical Practicum 1 (AS)
OPT2941 Ophthalmic Medical Practicum 2 (AS)
OPT2942 Ophthalmic Medical Practicum 3 (AS)
ORH1005L Professional Landscape Installation and Maintenance (AS)
ORH1016 Environmental Issues in Horticulture (AS)
ORH1320 Introduction to Palms and Their Culture (AS)
ORH1512 Plant Selections for Landscape Situations (AS)
ORH1840 Landscape Construction (AS)
ORH2241 Arboriculture (AS)
ORH2251 Florida Horticulture Professional Preparation (AS)
ORH2510 Ornamental Plant Identification 1 (AS)
ORH2511 Introduction to Plants of South Florida Ecosystems (AS)
ORH2515 Plants of the South Florida Ecosystems - Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, and Grass-Like Native Plants (AS)
ORH2521 Horticultural Taxonomy (AS)
ORH2949C Ornamental Horticulture Work Experience/Internship (AS)
OTA0008 Business Technology Applications (PSAV)
OTA0100 Introduction to Keyboarding/Word Processing (PSAV)
OTA0131 Intermediate Keyboarding and Document Processing (PSAV)


ID Title
PCB2350C Tropical Ecology (AA)
PEO1031C Individual Sports (AA)
PEO1321C Volleyball Fundamentals and Officiating (AA)
PEO2004 Theory and Practice of Coaching a Specific Sport (AA)
PEO2005 Coaching Theory (AA)
PEO2351C Fundamentals of Racquet Sports (AA)
PEO2621C Fundamentals of Basketball (AA)
PEP2101 Essentials of Fitness (AA)
PET2622 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (AA)
PGY1401C Introduction to Photography (AA)
PGY2445C Experimental Photography (AA)
PGY2801C Digital Photography 1 (AA)
PGY2802C Digital Photography 2 (AA)
PHI1010 Introduction to Philosophy (AA)
PHI1100 Critical Reasoning (AA)
PHI1600 Ethics (AA)
PHY1001 Applied Physics (AA)
PHY2048 General Physics with Calculus 1 (AA)
PHY2048L General Physics 1 and General Physics with Calculus 1 Laboratory (AA)
PHY2049 General Physics with Calculus 2 (AA)
PHY2049L General Physics 2 and General Physics with Calculus 2 Laboratory (AA)
PHY2053 General Physics 1 (AA)
PHY2054 General Physics 2 (AA)
PLA1003 Introduction to Paralegalism (AS)
PLA1104 Legal Writing and Research 1 (AS)
PLA1273 Tort Law (AS)
PLA1949C Co-op Legal Assistant 1 (AS)
PLA2114 Legal Writing and Research 2 (AS)
PLA2209 Court System: Procedures and Pleadings 1 (AS)
PLA2229 Court System: Procedures and Pleadings 2 (AS)
PLA2303 Criminal Litigation (AS)
PLA2465 Bankruptcy Law and Procedure (AS)
PLA2483 Administrative Law (AS)
PLA2600 Administration of Estates (AS)
PLA2611 Real Estate Law and Property Transactions (AS)
PLA2630 Real Estate Closing and Document Preparation (AS)
PLA2762 Law Office Management (AS)
PLA2800 Family Law (AS)
PLA2841 Immigration Law and Procedures (AS)
PLS2220 Plant Propagation (AS)
PMA2213 Plant Pest Management (AS)
PMT0074 Practical Welding Applications (PSAV)
PMT0108 Introduction to Welding (PSAV)
PMT0109 Introduction to Welding 2 (PSAV)
PMT0126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (PSAV)
PMT0127 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Advanced (PSAV)
PMT0143 Flux Cored Arc Welding (PSAV)
PMT0147 Gas Metal Arc Welding (PSAV)
PMT0150 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (PSAV)
PMT0151 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Advanced (PSAV)
PMT0201 Machinist Helper 2 (PSAV)
PMT0202 Machinist Helper 1 (PSAV)
PMT0211 Machinist Operator 1 (PSAV)
PMT0229 Machinist Setup Operator 1 (PSAV)
PMT0230 Machinist Operator 2 (PSAV)
PMT0258 Machinist 1 (PSAV)
PMT0259 Machinist 2 (PSAV)
PMT0260 Machinist Setup Operator 4 (PSAV)
PMT0500 Machinist Setup Operator 2 (PSAV)
PMT0510 Machinist Setup Operator 3 (PSAV)
POS1001 Introduction to Political Science (AA)
POS1041 Introduction to American Government (AA)
POS2112 American State and Local Government (AA)
PRN0098 Concepts of Fundamentals of Practical Nursing 1 (PSAV)
PRN0099 Concepts of Fundamentals of Practical Nursing 2 (PSAV)
PRN0290 Concepts of Practical Nursing 1 (PSAV)
PRN0291 Concepts of Practical Nursing 2 (PSAV)
PRN0690 Transitions into Practical Nursing (PSAV)
PSC1341 Physical Science for Today's World (AA)
PSY2012 General Psychology (AA)


ID Title
REA0056 College Reading (Dev Ed)
REE0047 Florida Real Estate Sales Agent (PSAV)
REE0089 Real Estate Sales Associate Post-Licensing (PSAV)
REL2300 Introduction to the Major Religions of the World (AA)
RET1272 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 1 (AS)
RET1272L Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 1 Lab (AS)
RET1273 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 2 (AS)
RET1273L Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 2 Lab (AS)
RET1874L Clinical Internship 1 (AS)
RET1875L Clinical Internship 2 (AS)
RET1876C Clinical Internship 3 (AS)
RET2280C Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Therapy 3 (AS)
RET2534C Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Therapy 4 (AS)
RET2877L Clinical Internship 4 (AS)
RET2878L Clinical Internship 5 (AS)
RMI0091 Property and Casualty/General Lines (PSAV)
RMI0092 Life, Health and Variable Annuities (PSAV)
RMI0635 Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation (ACA) (PSAV)
RMI2110 Personal Insurance Planning (AS)
RMI2212 Personal and Business Property Insurance (AS)
RMI2662 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance (AS)
RMI2701 Agency Management and Selling Techniques (AS)
RMI3004 Risk Management (BAS)
RTE1000 Introduction to Radiography (AS)
RTE1401 Radiographic Imaging 1 (AS)
RTE1401L Radiographic Imaging 1 Lab (AS)
RTE1457 Radiographic Imaging 2 (AS)
RTE1457L Radiographic Imaging 2 Lab (AS)
RTE1503 Radiographic Procedures 1 (AS)
RTE1503L Radiographic Procedures 1 Lab (AS)
RTE1513 Radiographic Procedures 2 (AS)
RTE1513L Radiographic Procedures 2 Lab (AS)
RTE1523 Radiographic Procedures 3 (AS)
RTE1523L Radiographic Procedures 3 Lab (AS)
RTE1804 Radiographic Clinical Education 1 (AS)
RTE1814 Radiographic Clinical Education 2 (AS)
RTE1824 Radiographic Clinical Education 3 (AS)
RTE2130 Pharmacology for Medical Imaging (AS)
RTE2385 Radiobiology (AS)
RTE2473L Radiography Seminar (AS)
RTE2533 Radiographic Procedures 4 (AS)
RTE2533L Radiographic Procedures 4 Lab (AS)
RTE2563 Advanced Medical Imaging (AS)
RTE2571 Computed Tomography 1 (AS)
RTE2571L Computed Tomography Clinical Education (AS)
RTE2575 Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (AS)
RTE2576 Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2 (AS)
RTE2576L Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinical Education 2 (AS)
RTE2577L Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinical Education 1 (AS)
RTE2613 Radiologic Physics (AS)
RTE2762 Cross Sectional Anatomy (AS)
RTE2834 Radiographic Clinical Education 4 (AS)
RTE2844 Radiographic Clinical Education 5 (AS)
RTE2854 Radiographic Clinical Education 6 (AS)
RTV1558C Studio Recording (AS)
RTV1559C Live Performance Recording (AS)


ID Title
SLS1201 Personal Development (AA)
SLS1300 Career Self-Assessment (AA)
SLS1301 Career Development (AA)
SLS1302 Career Information and Decision-Making (AA)
SLS1303 Job Search (AA)
SLS1501 Introduction to the College Experience (AA)
SLS2261 Leadership Development (AA)
SON1000 Practical Aspects of Sonography 1 (AS)
SON1001 Practical Aspects of Sonography 2 (AS)
SON1004L Sonographic Hospital Procedures (AS)
SON1100L Principles and Protocols of Sonography Lab (AS)
SON1111 Abdominal Sonography 1 (AS)
SON1112 Abdominal Sonography 2 (AS)
SON1121 Sonographic OB/GYN 1 (AS)
SON1122 Sonographic OB/GYN 2 (AS)
SON1171 Vascular Sonography 1 (AS)
SON1175 Vascular Sonography 2 (AS)
SON1311 Sonography Cross Sectional Anatomy (AS)
SON1614 Medical Sonographic Physics 1 (AS)
SON1618 Medical Sonographic Physics 2 (AS)
SON1804L Clinical Education 1 (AS)
SON1814L Clinical Education 2 (AS)
SON1824L Clinical Education 3 (AS)
SOP2740 Feminist Psychology (AA)
SOW1051LR True Calling: Community-Based Learning (AA)
SPC1017 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (AA)
SPC2052 Voice and Diction (AA)
SPC2300 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (AA)
SPC2511 Argumentation and Debate (AA)
SPC2608 Public Speaking (AA)
SPN1120 Elementary Spanish 1 (AA)
SPN1121 Elementary Spanish 2 (AA)
SPN2200 Intermediate Spanish 1 (AA)
SPN2201 Intermediate Spanish 2 (AA)
SPN2240 Intermediate Conversational Spanish 1 (AA)
SPN2241 Intermediate Conversational Spanish 2 (AA)
STA2023 Statistics (AA)
STS0003 Introduction to Surgical Technology (PSAV)
STS0003L Introduction to Clinical Practicum (PSAV)
STS0008 Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist (PSAV)
STS0120 Surgical Specialties 1 (PSAV)
STS0121 Surgical Specialties 2 (PSAV)
STS0150C Surgical Technology Procedures (PSAV)
STS0255L Surgical Specialties 1 Clinical (PSAV)
STS0256L Surgical Specialties 2 Clinical (PSAV)
SWS1102 Soils and Fertilizers (AS)
SYG1230 American Minorities Today (AA)
SYG1251 Cross-Cultural Communication (AA)
SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology (AA)
SYG2010 American Social Problems (AA)
SYG2361 Death and Dying (AA)
SYG2430 Marriage and Family (AA)


ID Title
TAX2000 Federal Income Tax 1 (AS)
TAX2010 Federal Income Tax 2 (AS)
THE1000 Theatre Appreciation (AA)
THE2051 Theater for a Children's Audience (AA)
THE2925-R Play Production (AA)
TPA1200 Stagecraft 1 (AA)
TPP1120-R Improvisation for Actors (AA)
TPP1602 Playwriting (AA)
TPP2100 Acting 1 (AA)
TPP2111 Acting 2 (AA)
TPP2190-R Rehearsal and Performance 1 (AA)
TPP2300 Directing (AA)
TPP2514 Movement for the Theater (AA)
TPP2700 Freeing the Actor's Voice (AA)
TRA0011 Logistics and Supply Chain Technology (PSAV)
TRA0030 Logistics Operations Technician (PSAV)
TRA0097 Shipping, Receiving and Traffic Clerk (PSAV)
TRA1010 Introduction to Transportation and Logistics (AS)
TRA1154 Supply Chain Management (AS)
TRA2098 Warehouse Management (AS)


ID Title
VEC1201 Growing Vegetables and Edible Plants (AS)


ID Title
WOH1012 Ancient and Medieval History (AA)
WOH1022 Modern World History (AA)