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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2019-2020

Palm Beach State College

MSS0262 - Massage Therapy 2 (PSAV)

Credits/Clock Hours:
235 clock hours

This course covers Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Pathology II, HIV/AIDS, Kinesiology II, Theory and Practice of Massage and Allied Modalities II (Introduction to neuro-muscular therapy, trigger point therapy, Oriental medical theory, shiatsu, hot stone massage, sports massage, pre-natal, postural analysis and structural balancing), Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy I (Vichy shower, hot/cold packs), Communication for the Massage Therapist (SOAP notes, client medical history and intake procedures, informed consent, consultation and communication with the health care team), professional boundaries, clinical practicum.

Prerequisite: MSS0252

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