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College Catalog 2019-2020

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Supervision and Management-Health Management BAS

Supervision & Management - Health Management Concentration  (BAS T702)

Type of Award
BAS - Bachelor of Applied Science

Program Website

Program Description
As a graduate of this program, students will have the knowledge, skills and opportunity to pursue managerial-level positions in a variety of careers. B.A.S. students will take 24 semester hours of upper division (junior/senior level) core courses that provide a broad applied background in accounting, finance, legal and ethical issues, management information systems, leadership, human resources and management. An additional 18 hours of upper division concentration area courses focus on coursework to prepare students for employment in a variety of managerial roles and career settings in the public and private sectors.

Admission Requirements
To apply for the bachelor‘s degree program in Supervision and Management, students must have earned an A.S. or A.A. degree and have at least a 2.0 GPA. Students who have earned a minimum of 60 credits and a 2.0 GPA but do not have an associate degree may be accepted with permission of the dean. Please see the Admissions section of this catalog for detailed admission requirements for bachelor‘s degree programs.

Completion Requirements
Students must successfully complete all courses in the curriculum, have at least a 2.0 GPA and have earned a “C” or better in all general education courses and upper division courses. Students must also meet the foreign language requirements. (Additional Information)

Capstone course: The following Capstone criteria must be met prior to registration in the course:

1. All lower division courses are satisfied
2. All upper division common core classes are completed
3. Successful completion of 12-15 credits of concentration area courses
4. Capstone may be taken concurrently with no more than two 3-credit courses and not any upper division common core courses. Restrictions may apply.

Program Length
Total program semester hours: 120

The program is offered at the Lake Worth campus.

For More Information
Dr. C. Thomas Capers,, (561) 868-4111

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Courses From A.S./A.A.S. Degree Credits: 42
  Courses From A.S./A.A.S. Degree (Lower Division Details) 42
General Education Courses Credits: 36
  General Education Courses 36
Upper Division Common Core Courses Credits: 21
BUL3130 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3
FIN3400 Principles of Financial Management 3
GEB3213 Business Writing 3
ISM4011 Management Information Systems 3
MAN3240 Organizational Theory and Management 3
MAN3301 Human Resources Management 3
MAN4120 Leadership Challenges and Supervision 3
Concentration Area Required Courses Credits: 15
HSA3110 Health Care Organization & Management 3
HSA4109 Principles of Managed Care 3
HSA3160 Health Care Marketing 3
HSA4553 Ethics in Health Care 3
HSA4431 Health Care Operational Decision Making 3
Electives - Choose one Credits: 3
  Choose GEB4940C or HSC4500 3
Concentration Capstone Course Credits: 3
HSA4938 Capstone Experience: Health Management 3
Total Program Credits: 120

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Employment Opportunities
Upon completion of this program, students may seek employment in a variety of business and organizational settings in managerial-level positions that require a bachelor’s degree for consideration.

Career Path Notes
After completion of this program, students may choose to apply for graduate study at a public or private university.

Career Center
For more information about employment opportunities including job outlook and salary information visit:
Occupational Outlook Handbook:
O-Net Online: