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College Catalog 2019-2020

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Caring for Children-Birth to 3 Years PSAV

Caring for Children Birth To 3 Years (FCCPC)  (5390)

Type of Award
PSAV - Post Secondary Adult Vocational Certificate

Program Website

Program Description
This program prepares the student who works with children Birth to 3 Years old in a licensed child care facility or family child care home for the National CDA Credential. The program is divided into three modules covering the eight content areas for the Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) in which a student must demonstrate competence.

The student will successfully complete 120 hours of formal classroom instruction in the six competency goals, a 2-hour observation during Module 3, document 480 hours of work experience and complete all other Palm Beach State requirements.

Upon completion of the program the student will be awarded a Florida Child Care Professional Credential FCCPC) from the Department of Children and Families.

Program Learning Outcomes
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Admission Requirements
These requirements must be met before registering for the FCCPC program:

• Program Objective Code: Caring for Children Birth to 3 years (FCCPC - 5390)
• FCCPC Information Session
• 40-Hour Introductory Child Care Training (Part I, II, & III) or 30 Hr. Family Child Care Training (Part I & II) including Infant and Toddler Appropriate Practices
• 5-Hour Emergent Literacy (offered through DCF as an online course)
• High school diploma (or equivalent) and College Application submitted to Palm Beach State
• Employed in a licensed child care setting working with children 5 years or younger (preferably birth-3 years of age) or family child care home
• TABE Exam (9D Survey)
• Must be at least 18 years of age or older
• Mastery of the English language

An official high school diploma or GED transcript must be on file at the Registrar's Office. The transcript must show that the student graduated with a standard diploma from an accredited high school accepted by Palm Beach State. The transcript must be received and accepted by the registrar before registering for Module 1.

Completion Requirements
Students must successfully pass each FCCPC module with a passing grade of A, B, or C and complete all additional requirements for each of the modules in order to be eligible to continue in the program. Once the student has successfully passed each module, a Department of Children and Families Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) will be awarded. .

Program Length
Total Required Hours: 600.

The program is offered at all Palm Beach State campuses.

For More Information
Susy Martinez White, martines@palmbeachstate,edu, (561) 868-3807

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Required Courses Clock Hours: 600
HEV0807 Caring for Children Birth - 3 Years Module 1 40
HEV0808 Caring for Children Birth - 3 Years Module 2 40
HEV0809 Caring for Children Birth - 3 Years Module 3 40
HEV0999 ECPC/FCCPC Practical Experience 480
Total Program Clock Hours: 600

For individualized course sequence

Employment Opportunities
A student completing this program may find employment opportunities as an early childhood provider, practitioner, lead or assistant teacher, curriculum specialist, director and program administrator, just to name a few opportunities in the early childhood field.

Gainful Employment
Program length excludes this program from gainful employment reporting requirements.

Career Path Notes
The student who has earned a Department of Children and Families FCCPC Certificate from Palm Beach State can receive college credits toward an Associate in Science degree (A.S.) in Early Childhood Education (2358). The articulation will be processed upon request once students have completed 15 college credits toward the A.S. degree (2358). For more information call (561) 868-3807. 

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