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College Catalog 2019-2020

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Electrical Power Technology AS

Electrical Power Technology  (AS 2270)

Type of Award
AS - Associate in Science

Program Website

Program Description
The Electrical Power Technology program is designed for the student who is seeking an A.S. degree and preparing for a career in the field of instrumentation and control. It is also designed for employees in these fields who seek further education and career advancement. The skill set and knowledge acquired in the program applies to both the power industry and aerospace industry. Course content includes core courses in instrumentation and control, electrical engineering, process control technology, electronics, mechanical engineering, and alternative energy fields.

Program Learning Outcomes
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Admission Requirements

Completion Requirements
Students must successfully complete all courses listed in the catalog for this program.

Program Length
The program can be finished in two years (104 weeks) if student attends full time, or three or more years if students attend part time.

The program is offered at the Palm Beach Gardens campus.

For More Information
Dr. Becky Mercer, Associate Dean,, (561) 207-5416                                                Eva Suares, Department Chair,, (561) 207-5727                                                       Pat Castro, Administrative Assitanct,, (561) 207-5726

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General Education Credits: 18
ENC1101 College Composition 1 3
MAC1105 College Algebra 3
SPC1017 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
PSY2012 General Psychology 3
PHY1001 Applied Physics 3
  Any course from Humanities Area II 3
Core Program Requirements Credits: 40
EET1015C DC Circuit Analysis 3
EET1025C AC Circuit Analysis 3
ETI1701 Environmental Health and Safety 3
EVS2015 Writing for Science  
EVR2266 Survey of Environmental Mapping/GIS/Remote Sensing * 3
ETP1322 Electrical Power System 3
ETI1000 Industrial Tools and Equipment 3
EET1215C Introduction to Electronics 3
CET2117C Microprocessors and Digital Logic 3
CET2127C Programmable Logic Controllers 3
ETS2700C Fluid and Pneumatic Controls 3
ETS2530C Process Control Technology 3
EET2930C Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 4
ETS2520C Process Measurement Fundamentals 3
Electives       (Select 10 credits) Credits: 10
ETP1510C Biofuels and Biomass 3
ETP2137C Electrical Distribution Substations 3
ETI2941 EPT Internship (6 credits) 6
ETI2942 EPT Internship (3 credits) 3
ETP1511C Introduction to Bio Fuels 3
ETP1530C Introduction to Wind Energy 3
ETP1540 Introduction to Hydro Power 3
ETP1402C Introduction to Solar Energy 3
EVR2266 Survey of Environmental Mapping/GIS/Remote Sensing* 3
ETP2410C Photovoltaic Technology 2
ETS1810C Energy Efficient Buildings 3
ETP1400C Distributed Electrical Power Generation and Storage 2
ETP1550 Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle 3
EET2325C Electronic Communications Systems 3
Total Program Credits: 68
*Course may only be used once toward the A.S. degree.

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Employment Opportunities
Upon completion of this program, students may seek employment in entry-level positions with a broad base of skills in instrumentation and control technology. Fields of employment include both aerospace and power industries. Job titles include instrumentation and control technician, control room technician, electronics technician, electrical distribution systems designer, engineering assistant, and technologist. 

Career Path Notes

Courses from this program may transfer to other colleges and universities that allow students to transfer into a four-year program. For more information, contact the college or university to which you wish to transfer.

Career Center
For more information about employment opportunities including job outlook and salary information visit:
Occupational Outlook Handbook:
O-Net Online: