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College Catalog 2018-2019

Palm Beach State College

Introductory 40 Hour Childcare-Birth to 5 Years PSAV

40-Hour Introductory Child Care Training Certification (Birth To 5 Years) (5348)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Clock Hours: 40
  Part 1 - Introduction to Child Care  
HEV0114 Rules & Regulations for Center-Based (PSAV) 6
  Part 2 - Child Care Certification  
HEV0115 Introductory Child Care Worker Certification (PSAV) 24
  Part 3 - Appropriate Practices Component-Student Specialty  
  (Option 1)  
HEV0004 Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practices (PSAV) 5
  The register for one of the 5-hour components below.  
  Select one:  
HEV0002 Preschool Appropriate Practices (PSAV) 5
HEV0001 Infant/Toddler Appropriate Practices (PSAV) 5
HEV0003 School Age Appropriate Practices (PSAV) 5
  (Option 2)  
HEV0123 10-Hour Special Needs Appropriate Practices (PSAV) 10
Total Program Clock Hours: 40