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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2018-2019

Palm Beach State College

Motion Picture Production Technology-Digital Animation Concentration AS

Motion Picture Production Technology - Digital Animation Concentration  (AS 2282D)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Credits: 15
ENC1101 College Composition 1 (AA) 3
FIL2000 Film Appreciation (AA) 3
FIL2571C Introduction to Editing (AS) 3
FIL2031 Film History to the 1940s (AA)  
FIL2032 Film History Since the 1940s (AA)  
FIL2044 History of Animation (AA) 3
ART1300C Drawing 1 (AA) 3
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Credits: 15
  Any course from Social Science - Area V 3
FIL1461C Cinematography (AS) 3
ART1201C Design Fundamentals (AA) 3
FIL2537C Introduction to Sound (AS) 3
FIL1456C Production Design (AS) 3
Term Three - Summer (Year One) Credits: 6
FIL2420C Motion Picture Production 1 (AS) 3
DIG2300C Principles of 2D Animation (AS) 3
Term One - Fall (Year Two) Credits: 15
DIG2302C Principles of 3D Animation (AS) 3
DIG2430C Digital Story Development for Film Animation (AS) 3
SPC1017 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (AA) 3
FIL2480C Directing for Film (AS) 3
FIL2100 Screenwriting (AS) 3
Term Two - Spring (Year Two) Credits: 12
  Any course from Mathematics - Area III 3
DIG2341C Introduction to Compositing and Visual Effects (AS) 3
DIG2370C Advanced 3D Animation - Character Design and Rigging (AS) 3
DIG2322C Modeling for Real Time Systems (AS) 3
Term Three - Summer (Year Two) Credits: 1
FIL2941 Motion Picture Production Internship 1 (AS) 1
Total Program Credits: 64