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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2019-2020

Palm Beach State College

Nursing BS

BSN - Nursing  (BS S901)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Credit: 12
NUR3825 Transitional Nursing Role Perspectives (BS) 3
NUR3125 Advanced Pathophysiology for Nursing (BS) 3
NUR3119 Heritage of Nursing Concepts/Theories (BS) 3
NUR3069 Advance Health Assessment (BS) 3
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Credit: 12
NUR3678 Nursing Care for the Geriatric Patient and Other Vulnerable Populations (BS) 3
NUR3164 Nursing Research and Informatics (BS) 3
NUR4827C Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (BS) 3
NUR4636C Community Health Nursing (BS) 3
Term One - Fall (Year Two) Credit: 12
NUR4945 Capstone Experience: Nursing (BS) 3
NUR4107 Nursing Perspectives/Global Trends (BS) 3
NUR4847 Clinical Decision Making/Critical Thinking (BS) 3
NUR4655 Nursing in a Multicultural Society (BS) 3
Total Program Credit: 120