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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2018-2019

Palm Beach State College

Respiratory Care AS

Respiratory Care  (2148)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Credits: 13
RET1272 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 1 (AS) 9
RET1272L Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 1 Lab (AS) 3
RET1874L Clinical Internship 1 (AS) 1
Term Two - Spring (Year One) Credits: 15
RET1875L Clinical Internship 2 (AS) 3
RET1273 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 2 (AS) 6
RET1273L Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 2 Lab (AS) 2
BSC2086 Anatomy and Physiology 2 (AA) 3
BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab (AA) 1
Term Three - Summer (Year One) Credits: 13
ENC1101 College Composition 1(AA)* 3
RET1876C Clinical Internship 3 (AS) 4
SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology (AA)* 3
  Any course from Humanities - Area II 3
Term One - Fall (Year Two) Credits: 12
RET2877L Clinical Internship 4 (AS) 2
RET2280C Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Therapy 3 (AS) 7
CHM1032 Principles of Chemistry (AA) (or higher level Chemistry+) * 3
Term Two - Spring (Year Two) Credits: 16
MCB2010 Microbiology (AA) 3
MCB2010L Microbiology Lab (AA) 1
RET2534C Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Therapy 4 (AS) 7
RET2878L Clinical Internship 5 (AS) 2
PHY1001 Applied Physics (AA) (or higher level Physics++) 3
Total Program Credits: 76

*It is suggested that these courses be completed prior to program entry.
+CHM1025, CHM1045, CHM1046, CHM2210, CHM2211 or approved transfer credit.
++PHY2048, PHY2049, PHY2053, PHY2054 or approved transfer credit.                                                                    The 76 total program credits include the 7 credits of prerequisite courses: BSC2085, BSC2085L and Area lll mathematics course with MAC, MAP or MAS prefix.