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Palm Beach State College

College Catalog 2018-2019

Palm Beach State College

Surgical Technology PSAV

Surgical Technology  (5235)
Term One - Fall (Year One) Clock Hours: 352
STS0003 Introduction to Surgical Technology (PSAV) 144
STS0003L Introduction to Clinical Practicum (PSAV) 144
STS0150C Surgical Technology Procedures (PSAV) 32
STS0008 Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist (PSAV) 32
Term Two- Spring (Year One) Clock Hours: 489
STS0255L Surgical Specialties 1 Clinical (PSAV) 441
STS0120 Surgical Specialties 1 (PSAV) 48
Term Three - Summer (Year One) Clock Hours: 489
STS0121 Surgical Specialties 2 (PSAV) 48
STS0256L Surgical Specialties 2 Clinical (PSAV) 441
Total Program Clock Hours: 1330