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Information students should consider before applying to the Palm Beach Collegiate High School STEM program

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach that is coupled with hands-on, problem-based learning.

Where are the CHS classes held?

The BioScience Technology Complex at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens is the learning laboratory for the CHS STEM classes.  Classes are also held in other classroom buildings at the Eissey Campus, and online.

Who should apply?

The Collegiate High School STEM program is designed for advanced high school students with a strong interest in the sciences and mathematics. The courses offered are fast paced college-level credit classes.

What courses are included in the Palm Beach Collegiate High School STEM program?

The STEM program focuses on gateway courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.  CHS students will take Principles of Biology 1 and General Chemistry 1 in the Fall, and Principles of Biology 2 and General Chemistry 2 in the Spring, as well as appropriate Math classes.  The Fall term also includes a special section of SLS1501 Introduction to the College Experience designed especially for CHS students with a focus on STEM career exploration.

How is CHS different from regular dual enrollment or early admission?

The Collegiate High School is a form of early admission, but specially designed for students interested in the STEM fields.  CHS students take their STEM classes together, and for two-semester sequential science classes you will have the same professor for both semesters.  CHS curriculum has been carefully designed to make critical connections between science and math disciplines.  You will forge links with students and faculty.  Connections are intellectual – understanding science and math concepts – and social – making friends.  You will get to know people in your area of interest and can form study groups with student of similar interests.

Will I take all of my courses with CHS students?

The 24 CHS students will be registered for classes as a group, and will be the only students in the science labs and SLS1501, but additional seats will be open for PBSC students in the math and science lecture sections.

I already have AP or dual enrollment credit for one or more Collegiate High School classes.  Should I apply?

Yes!  You may still participate in the Collegiate High School STEM program even if you have obtained AP or dual enrollment credit for one or more of the program’s courses.

What are the admission requirements?

CHS Admission is open to Fall 2018 high school seniors who 1) have an unweighted GPA of 3.2; 2) meet one of the following test scores:  SAT critical reading score of 440 or higher and math score of 450 or higher -or- ACT Math score of 20 and higher, English score of 17 or higher, and Reading score of 19 or higher.

Can I still be involved in activities at my high school?

Yes! CHS students remain enrolled as seniors at their home high school where they can participate in extracurricular activities while enjoying the rigors of college academics.  You can still attend prom, football games, track meets, and other high school events as if you were still in high school, all while taking college level courses.

What is the schedule of classes for Spring 2020?

BSC 1011: Principles of Biology 2

BSC 1011L: Principles of Biology 2 Lab

CHM 1046: General Chemistry 2

CHM 1046L: General Chemistry 2 Lab

Math or other: Depending on Math placement scores, students can select MAC1105 College Algebra, MAC1114 Trigonometry, MAC1140 Precalculus, MAC1147 Precalculus Algebra & Trigonometry, MAC2311 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I, or MAC2312 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II.

Students requiring courses for high school graduation such as Economics, English, or Government should meet with the CHS academic advisor to select the appropriate course.


I need an additional high school English, Government, or Economics credit for high school graduation. What do I do?

Students may elect to take additional high school or college courses in the summer before joining the CHS program, or can choose to take college courses in Fall and Spring semesters in addition to the STEM program.  The CHS academic advisor will work with you to create an individual plan to keep you on track for high school graduation.

How much does the Collegiate High School program cost?

All cost of tuition, fees, books, lab coats and goggles are covered as dual enrollment classes.   Transportation to and from the campus and local (in-county) field trip transportation are the responsibility of the student, but assistance may be available.

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