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Counselor’s Corner

A collection of articles from our counselors

Jerome BradleyIn midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, homeless students are among some of the most vulnerable populations

By Jerome Bradley

Each year numerous students across America endure housing insecurities and homelessness while trying to obtain a degree. Insecurities about where to spend the night, where to find the next meal, can have significant impacts on psychological and academic efforts. In midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, homeless students and individuals are among some of the most vulnerable populations. Those who are vulnerable to anxiety and other related disorder may become overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. |  Read the full article

Evan KotlerRecovery options during these difficult times

By Evan Kotler

Recent events have altered the lives of many people all over the world. One group in particular are individuals in the recovery community. The recovery community in South Florida is quite large and there are a plethora of support groups available to individuals that are abstaining from substances like alcohol and behaviors such as gambling, sex, codependence, eating, spending and a variety of others. A common social activity that recovering individuals partake in are meetings. People in recovery are encouraged to go to meetings where they can connect with other individuals and meet sponsors, coaches or mentors. Right now, the CDC is recommending that people do not gather in groups.  |  Read the full article

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