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Create a New Program at the State Level

*New degree programs or certificates identified through the program review process can be proposed as new programs. The first step is to submit the normal paperwork for creating a new program at the state level through the Palm Beach State curriculum process (Palm Beach State College Deans' Council review, Curriculum Committee Review, Vice President Academic Affairs review). If the new program or certificate is approved through the Palm Beach State Curriculum Review Process, the following documents will need to be submitted to the Florida Department of Education Workforce Development office for authorization and inclusion in the state program inventory.

The following documents are required:

  1. Statement of Justification – This should include a list of the occupations for which the curriculum prepares students, and data on the number of jobs and job openings in the region in the identified occupational titles.
  2. Curriculum Framework – This document details the program including major concepts/content, laboratory activities, and intended learning outcomes. To locate sample curriculum frameworks to develop the program or certificate go to
  3. Student Performance Standards – This document details the competencies of the intended outcomes for students.
  4. Program Outline – Course list that will constitute the degree program or certificate.
  5. Course Outlines – Course outline for each of the courses in the degree program or certificate.
  6. FDOE New Program Submittal Form – The Submittal Form will need to be completed.
  7. Sample articulation agreement - The state requires a sample articulation agreement from high school to the post secondary level of education.  The articulation agreement only needs to be proposed.

The entire package is submitted to the Florida Department of Education Workforce Development Office of the Department of Education by Academic Services. Academic Services will work with the cluster creating the program or certificate to facilitate the process and ensure that the package is complete. This process can take from 3 months to a year to complete.

*New is defined as a program offering that does not exist in the state program inventory.

Contact Academic Services for assistance with this process.

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