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Create a New Program

Creating a new program involves steps to ensure that the new program is an appropriate addition to the College's curriculum. There are many reasons new programs/program tracks are developed - emerging community training needs, basic student interest or new, state-approved subject areas.

The first step in the process of creating a new program/program concentration begins with the cluster (and the business partnership as appropriate). A faculty member presents his or her idea to the cluster or the cluster as a whole decides that a new program or program concentration is warranted in the discipline. If the cluster approves the idea, a faculty member is assigned to begins the formal process of program development and approval. This process is called the Curriculum Review Process.

The Curriculum Review Process for creating a new program begins with the approval of the President's Cabinet which evaluates the viability of a prospective program at Palm Beach State College.  The cluster proposing the new program fills in a New Program Discussion and Proposal Form Steps 1 & 2 that details of the program development timeline, the job market for this training, campus readiness to house the program and projected enrollment of the program.  Once approved by the President's Cabinet, the cluster then completes the curriculum forms based on whether this program curriculum frameworks exists at the State level or has to be developed.

For existing programs in the state a Program Addition Packet should be completed. For programs not offered in the state, a Program Addition New Packet should be completed. The packet is completed and sent through the Electronic Signature Approval Process . For new programs, the hosting campus Provost is included in the signature process. Once signatures are gathered, the packet plus support documents (cluster minutes, business partnership minutes, course addition, revision and deletion packets) are submitted to the Palm Beach State College Academic Deans' Council.

Deans' Council examine this curriculum action to see what impact it will have on the college facilities, personnel, academic resources and budget. If the Deans' Council approves the action, the Program Addition/Addition New packet is added to the Palm Beach State Curriculum Committee agenda for consideration.

The Curriculum Committee examines the curriculum action details for impact on the Course Dictionary, Degree Audit and other programs and certificates. If approved, the Curriculum Committee makes a recommendation to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) who gives final approval for the curriculum action. Unless an exception is authorized by the VPAA, all curriculum action will go into effect the following Fall after the approval of the VPAA.

If the cluster is creating a new program or certificate that has never been offered in Florida, once the Curriculum Committee approval is obtained, further steps must be taken to seek Department of Education approval to offer this program in the state of Florida.

New programs at Palm Beach State College must be approved by the Palm Beach State Board of Trustees before they can be offered and awarded. Once the new program is approved by the VPAA, in the case of new programs in the state, the Florida Office of Workforce Education, and the cluster will work with Academic Services to put together a Board of Trustee Transmittal Form.

Finally, if a new program constitutes a substantive change to the offerings of our institution, the originator is required to complete a form justifying the change which may lead to additional follow up actions with SACS.

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