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Home Education Dual Enrollment

Home education students who meet eligibility criteria and who are registered through the School District of Palm Beach County Education office can participate in dual enrollment.


Legal Compliance, Eligibility Form & Book Voucher

A completed "Legal Compliance and Eligibility Form" must be submitted to the college each semester prior to registering for classes. Obtain the requested signatures (student, parent, and the School Board home education official) before submitting it (along with the dual enrollment permission form) to the Admissions/Registration department of Palm Beach State College. Request your PBSC Book Voucher at the time you submit your completed forms to the Campus Admissions/Registration department.

For questions and other information, contact: 

Cheryl L. Bottini, Ph.D.
Program Planner | Home Education
School District of Palm Beach County
Home Education Office
3300 Forest Hill Boulevard, Suite C-124
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Phone: 561-434-8052 (px 47458) 


Eligible Home Education students in grades 6-9 must have earned four (4) high school credits, two of which must be an English Language Art course and a mathematics course. All other dual enrollment requirements must also be met with the exception of a high school grade point average. A student is limited to earning a maximum of 60 credit hours through dual enrollment and/or early admission.

  • Dual Enrollment:  The student may dual enroll in up to eight (8) credit hours in the Fall, Spring and Summer terms regardless of the number of institutions attended.
  • Early Admission:  Eligible students who have completed the 11th grade (or its equivalent) may complete their senior year at Palm Beach State College upon approval from the designated program official. Interested students must submit a written recommendation from the Home Education Program administrator supporting the petition. Early Admission students must maintain full-time status, 12 credit hours per semester, Fall and Spring terms only. In addition, students must maintain a 2.0 term GPA in college level work. If a student enrolls in the Early Admission program, the Fall and Spring will be the conclusion of the Dual Enrollment and Early Admission program at Palm Beach State College.

Home education students taking dual enrollment courses must enroll in academic courses that count toward the completion of a high school program. The student must meet all entry requirements including satisfactory test scores and prerequisites for any course. Furthermore, the student must make a grade of “C” or better in all dual enrollment courses to continue in the Dual Enrollment program.


Dual enrolled students may not enroll in physical education courses, college preparatory courses, courses less than three credit hours unless they are co-requisites of an approved course such as a science and the corresponding lab. The High School Subject Equivalency List is located online at

Appeals Process

Appeals are submitted to the college-wide Appeals Committee. Considerations and exceptions are made on a case by case basis and by following the Florida Statutes and Rules. For an appeal to be considered, the home education administrator may submit a letter of appeal explaining extenuating circumstances and providing documentation to support the case. Documentation shall include a student’s transcript, test scores (SAT, ACT, PERT, or TABE for PSAV programs), high school portfolio, if applicable, auditions, letters of recommendation, and evidence of dual enrollment counseling. The decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.

Important Notice

  • Students taking dual enrollment courses are subject to the rules and regulations of Palm Beach State College as stated in the Catalog and Student Handbook, including a mandatory Information/Advising session.
  • At an institution of higher education, students are exposed to a learning environment that promotes an open exchange of ideas. Course content is presented on an adult level where class discussions require a mature understanding of divergent viewpoints and the ability to think critically on controversial issues.
  • Dual enrollment students who receive withdrawals and/or a failing grade may have difficulty in meeting future admission requirements at colleges and universities including financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
  • Dual enrollment students who receive a D or F in a course will not be allowed to enroll in future dual enrollment courses at Palm Beach State College.
  • Dual Enrollment students who withdraw from a class will not be allowed to enroll the following semester. To re-enroll in the Dual Enrollment program (after one semester) students must appeal to the Home Education Office.
  • Home education school student who dual enroll will be provided a book voucher for required instructional materials. Home education school students who dual enroll are financially responsible for course consumables, kits, and transportation.
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