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Prospective Dual Students & Families

What you need to know

Students will be exposed to a learning environment that promotes an open exchange of ideas.

  • Course content is presented on an adult level
  • Class discussions require a mature understanding of divergent viewpoints and the ability to think critically on controversial issues.
  • Course materials/class discussions may reflect topics not typically included in secondary courses which some parents may object to for "minors."
  • Courses will not be modified to accommodate variations in student age and/or maturity.

Important Reminders for Students and Parents

  • Check with your counselor to determine how specific courses apply toward high school graduation requirements and what credits are awarded. Dual grades will become a part of the student’s middle school and/or high school and college transcript, GPA and class rank. Weighting is determined by the School District.
  • Students and parents should consult a PBSC academic advisor regarding the selection of courses to meet degree requirements or for transfer to a specific course of study at another institution.
  • All credit courses must be at least three (3) credits and be taken for a letter grade, not Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.
  • Students participating in dual enrollment and /or early admission courses are subject to the rules and regulations of Palm Beach State College, as stated in the college catalog and the student handbook.
  • Students taking classes on college campus must obtain a parking decal from a campus Security Office. Students will receive a parking ticket after the first week of classes for not having a current decal. In addition, a hold will be placed on the student’s record and grades will not be transferred to the high school or other secondary institutions until the parking fine is paid.
  • High school dual enrolled students are encouraged to use all the resources available at the college including the Library Learning Resource Center (LLCR), all tutorial labs for English, Reading, and Mathematics and computer lab.
  • Before considering taking a PBSC online class carefully review the information provided by the eLearning Support Center.
  • Dual enrolled students should expect 2-3 hours of homework for each hour spent in class and firm assignment deadlines. Required amount of reading is more than you might be accustomed.
  • Post-secondary economics courses at PBSC do not meet state economic high school graduation requirements (must also complete H.S. financial literacy component).
  • A student must officially withdraw from classes if she/he is no longer attending classes. First, check with your high school counselor for your school withdraw policy. Faculty and staff are not responsible in any way for withdrawing the student officially from classes. Instructors MAY or MAY NOT have a “WX” or “FW” policy (withdrawn for excessive absences). The student will receive an “F” at the end of the semester if the Registrar’s Office does not receive an official withdrawal by the deadline (see College Calendar). All grades, including "W" for withdrawal, become a part of the student's permanent college transcript and may affect subsequent postsecondary admission.
  • Dual enrollment students who receive a "D" or lower or withdraw or are withdrawn from a course after the add/drop period will not be allowed to continue in the program. (Students who withdraw due to exceptional circumstances may appeal their respective high school principal after one semester.) Grade forgiveness policies for postsecondary courses vary by institution. See PBSC catalog for specific regulations. See High School Guidelines for grade forgiveness for postsecondary coursework in the Student Progression Plan.
  • Students participating in dual enrollment must maintain a 3.0 unweighted cumulative grade point average in other high school academic work and must earn a grade of "C" or better in each college level course in order to continue in the program. Semester hours for dual enrollment will be limited to eight (8) semester hours regardless of the number of institutions attended in each full fall term and spring term, and not to exceed a total of eight (8) semester hours in the summer term.
  • Early admission students are allowed to continue in the program as long as their postsecondary term GPA is a minimum of 2.0. In this case, a "D" or "F" grade may be repeated for grade forgiveness with permission from the high school principal/dual enrollment designee.
  • Student in grades 6-9 must have four (4) high school credits with at least a 3.0 GPA, two of which must be an English Language Arts course and a mathematics course. All other dual enrollment requirements must also be met. Contact Amy Mazzocco, M.S., M.Ed., Program Planner, School Counseling, Palm Beach County School District, 561-432-6348, x: 86348 for assistance.


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