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Employee Excellence Awards

The Palm Beach State College Excellence Awards are established to recognize outstanding performance and/or achievement by individuals identified by their management team and/or referred by their peers in one of seven categories. These categories of Championing Diversity, Collaboration, Community Involvement, Creativity, Operational Efficiency, Retention and Visionary Leadership align with the mission and values of Palm Beach State College.

2019 Award Winners


Championing Diversity
This award is given to an employee who demonstrated through words, actions and influence that he/she values differences and has effectively promoted and impacted diversity at the college.


This award is given to an employee who contributed to team performance by providing encouragement and support, helped others overcome obstacles, and successfully accomplished goals. This employee was an honest and dependable team player who contributed to group collaboration and consensual decision making and showed empathy and respect for others, and who built and maintained strong collegial working relationships.


Community Involvement
This award is given to an employee participating in organization and events in the local community to increase understanding and visibility of the college.


This award is given to an employee who demonstrated and succeeded with inventive, imaginative or innovative concepts to completion and execution in their working environment.


Operational Efficiency
This award is given to an employee who demonstrates, innovates, educates and/or leads through operational excellence. This individual understands the organization to achieve its strategic goals, masters the day-to-day functionality and department transactions to ensure efficient management of resources and operational risk control measures are in place to keep up business activities. These activities can occur through implementation of an initiative, project and/or technique.


This award is given to an employee recognized in designing or developing better use of resources at PBSC leading to successful retention of either employee or student that has resulted in identifiable and measurable outcomes and results.


Visionary Leadership
This award is given to an employee who creatively directs and inspires the performance of others.



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