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eLearning Services for Faculty & Staff

About Us

The eLearning Department is dedicated to serving the needs of our online learning faculty and student community. eLearning provides our faculty assistance/support with:

  • Development of online courses
  • LMS (Blackboard) support
  • Online video and PDF (on-demand) LMS tutorials
  • In-person LMS workshops
  • One-on-one LMS assistance
  • Student LMS support
  • Teaching students how to use the LMS and how best to learn online by providing/facilitating a student 'Intro to Online Learning' (ELO1000) course

You will discover this site offers online tutorials, a list of workshop updated for each term, as well as links to resources (providing various memberships to publications/services eLearning subscribes to for our faculty) which will assist you with development and management of your online courses, efficient use of the LMS (Blackboard) functions, and utilizing best online learning/teaching practices.

eLearning Course Development To assist with development of courses, eLearning: 

  • Designs and maintains a 'course development template' to provide a standard look, navigation structure and several standard content components that need to be provided in all online/hybrid/component courses. The department assigns these course development templates to instructional staff for development of their courses.
  • Provide assistance with development of course material, including general advice on site organization of material as well as assistance with file formatting and development of course material.
  • Work with assigned teams of instructors to build college-developed courses.
  • Certify online courses to ensure quality and compliance with PBSC online/hybrid/component course site requirements.

eLearning Support Services To assist with instruction and student learning of/in online courses, eLearning:

  • Provides faculty workshops and online tutorials on course development, PBSC course certification standards, and best pedagogical practices.
  • Supports instructional staff with functions and use of Blackboard and other instructional software.
  • Works with students to assist them with learning the functions of the LMS, applying best online learning practices, and with the use of various online learning technologies.
  • Meets with the eLearning Advisory Committee on a regular bases to review eLearning services, policies and procedures, and receives recommendations on how to improve our services.  

eLearning has team members located at every campus ready to assist you.  We look forward to working with all of you.  

Have questions? Looking for more information?  Please review the three sections below. 
And please contact us if we may be of any assistance.

Palm Beach State College offers 4 different types of Blackboard Sites

  1. Gradebook/SafeAssign only
  2. Component
  3. Hybrid
  4. Online
  • Free
  • No certification required
  • Limited Blackboard Site
  • $10 student fee
  • Certification required
  • Supplemental Blackboard site

  • $35 student fee
  • Certification required
  • 50% in-class, 50% in Blackboard
  • $12/credit hour student fee
  • Certification required
  • Conducted completely in Blackboard



Gradebook/SafeAssign Only (GB)

What is the Blackboard Gradebook/SafeAssign Only site?

In order to provide instructors and students with an alternative service to Turnitin and GradeQuick, the eLearning department is providing access to a limited Blackboard site. Only the following features will be available with this type of site:

  • Announcements
  • Course Mail (internal Blackboard messaging)
  • Course Calendar (post important dates)
  • Assignments (with the option to enable SafeAssign)
  • Rubrics (and attach to assignments)
  • Folders (to distribute handouts and/or links)
  • Files (PDF, HTML, etc. -- can upload into Bb and link to in Folders)
  • Grade Center (record grades, apply weighted scores, calculate mid-and-final grades -- can release to students)
  • Classroom Attendance (by names in columns or by seating chart -- can release to students)
  • Course contains student and faculty tutorials on how to use/access the Grade Center and create/submit SafeAssign assignments

What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is a plagiarism-checking service similar to Turnitin (while not as robust in features, in most tested cases it produced identical plagiarism reference results). However, it can be accessed only via our Blackboard (Bb) system.

How can this be activated for my course?

This Blackboard site can be activated at anytime -- simply request from your department supervisor to have a special (GB) designator placed on your course in PantherNet (PN). Addition of this designator is similar to other online designators; however:

  • no student fee is assessed
  • no faculty certification is required
  • no special note(s) need to be added to the course

What happens once the GB designator is added to the course in PantherNet?

  • PN synchronizes with Blackboard
  • A course site is generated
  • The site is populated with a special SafeAssign and Gradebook shell (including student and faculty video tutorials)
  • and synchronizes the course roster providing students and faculty access to the Bb course site

How do faculty and students access this site?

From the Palm Beach State website:

  • Click on BLACKBOARD in the top navigation bar.
  • Faculty and students provide their PBSC username & password (PBSC Student ID for students, Network-Email ID for faculty)
  • Once you are logged in you will see a module titled My Courses – this is where your course(s) will be listed.

What are the tutorials that are included in the Gradebook/SafeAssign Only site?

Is there one-on-one training available?

Please check our Blackboard Workshops list for any Blackboard Grade Center or Assignment workshops. Please know that we will constantly be updating this listing with any new and upcoming workshops.


Component (WC), Hybrid (WH), and Online (WP)

What is the difference between a Component, Hybrid and an Online site?

  1. Web Component – The instructor develops/utilizes a companion website for the face-to-face class where students may interact through messaging, the instructor may provide handouts, presentations slides, and/or administer assignments or tests. Students may use their own computer with an Internet connection or may use a computer at one of Palm Beach State's locations.
  2. Hybrid – In this type of class, 50% of the content must be in a face-to-face environment. The remainder of the instruction is conducted online through an instructor developed online course site utilizing the Blackboard LMS.
  3. Online – In this class, all of the instruction is delivered via online via the Blackboard LMS. Students may be required to take examinations in a secured testing environment.

How do I get a Blackboard site?

  1. Request a Development Site by emailing Anne Guiler, our Blackboard Administrator. Be sure to include the Course ID (e.g., ENC1000).
  2. Develop your course by adding content to the Development site.
  3. Once your course has been fully developed (all course material added), request a certification review by emailing eLearning.
  4. When certification is provided, PantherNet (PN) will be updated with the course certification level and the instructor will be notified.
  5. Once you receive certification notice, request from your department supervisor to add the appropriate designator (WC, WH, or WP) to your course(s) in PantherNet.
  6. When the designator is added, PantherNet and Blackboard synchronize. A new site is created with the corresponding Course ID and reference number. Instructors will need to copy the material from the Development site into the new Blackboard site. The roster is imported from PantherNet to Blackboard and access is provided to the instructor and the enrolled students.

What is the criteria for certification?

View the College's Certification Guidelines. Please note that certification and the addition of the course designator in PN must happen before the first day of registration. Once even one student registers, the system prevents addition of the designator.

Is there a deadline for certification?

Please view our suggested certification request deadlines for each upcoming term below (expand the +Faculty Tutorials / Course Certification section of this page).

Online Tutorials

Before you attend the workshops, learn the features of Blackboard 9.1 online at your own pace!

Whether you are just getting started with Blackboard or a veteran at online teaching in need of a review, these tutorials are here for you.

One-on-One Training Sessions are also Available
If you have a topic of interest and do not see a Workshop listed covering that subject (software, tool, etc.), please contact eLearning at your favorite campus to schedule a one-on-one workshop session: | (561) 868-3762

Upcoming eLearning & Instructional Design Technology Workshops

We are excited to provide training opportunities for Palm Beach State faculty and staff. Our faculty trainers will instruct and provide guidance during each workshop.

Sign-up via the Employee Web for upcoming workshops.

Please know that workshops require a minimum of 3 attendees. Should less than 3 people register for a specific workshop, we will need to cancel it and provide one-on-one training.

On-Demand Tutorials

To access the list of Resources and Tutorials provided in Bb, simply log into Blackboard and click on the SUPPORT tab on the right-hand side of the browser's window. 

On the Bb Home page, you'll access the Adoption Dashboard's Home Page that provides various online teaching resources.

Within the course, the same SUPPORT tab brings up the Context Sensitive Help Page, providing page related information and tutorials. 

Course Certification Guidelines

All new Online, Hybrid and Component courses must meet PBSC Course Certification Guidelines and be Certified by the eLearning Department before they are eligible for instruction.  Please review the Certification Guidelines and certification request procedures (link above), and the Course Certification submission/requests Deadlines (below).

Course Certification Deadline Information

All new Blackboard courses must be reviewed and certified
before the course can be offered for instruction.

Please request a course certification review from eLearning
by the Final Submission Deadline dates stated below:

Summer 2021
(2021-3) - student registration begins March 16, 2021

all course certifications must be completed before first day of registration

  • FINAL submission deadline: Monday, March 1, 2021
  • Faculty Certifications updated in Panthernet: Friday, March 5, 2021
  • Campuses will update Panthernet schedules by: Friday, March 12, 2021

Fall 2021
(2022-1) - student registration begins May 3, 2021

all course certifications must be completed before first day of registration

  • FINAL submission deadline: Monday, April 19, 2021
  • Faculty Certifications updated in Workday: Friday, April 23, 2021
  • Campuses will update Workday schedules by: Friday, April 30, 2021

Miscellaneous Information for Faculty

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