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Services for Faculty & Staff

About Us

PBSC Online is dedicated to serving the needs of our online learning faculty and student community. PBSC Online provides our faculty assistance/support with:

  • LMS (Canvas) course development
  • Faculty online Canvas training courses, video and PDF (on-demand) LMS tutorials
  • Student Online Learning support
  • Facilitating best practices for student online learning by providing/facilitating a student 'Student Canvas ELO1000' training course.

You will discover our faculty and student training courses offer online tutorials and links to resources (links within Canvas Help tool and the training courses) which will assist you with development and management of your online courses, efficient use of the LMS (Canvas) functions, and utilizing best online learning/teaching practices.

Course Development To assist with development of courses, PBSC Online: 

  • Designs and maintains a 'course home page' to provide a standard look, navigation structure and several standard content components that need to be provided in all Canvas courses. The course Home page is provided for download in the [Canvas click-through] Commons > [apply filter] Only Palm Beach State College Approved Resources area.
  • Provide assistance with development of course material, including general advice on site organization of material as well as assistance with file formatting and development of course material.
  • Work with assigned teams of instructors to build college-developed courses.
  • Certify online courses to ensure quality and compliance with online and hybrid course site requirements.

Support Services To assist with instruction and student learning of/in online courses, PBSC Online:

  • Provides faculty workshops and online tutorials on course development, PBSC course certification standards, and best pedagogical practices.
  • Supports instructional staff with functions and use of various third-part systems/tools (Kaltura, Respondus, Turnitin, Zoom, etc.).
  • Works with students to assist them with applying best online learning practices, and with the use of various online learning technologies.
  • Meets with the Advisory Committee on a regular bases to review services, policies and procedures, and receives recommendations on how to improve our services.  

There are team members located at every campus ready to assist you.  We look forward to working with all of you.  

Have questions? Looking for more information?  Please review the three sections below. 
And please contact us if we may be of any assistance.

Palm Beach State College offers 4 different types of Canvas Courses

Four Modalities of Canvas Course Design & Delivery

  1. Face-to-Face
  2. Hybrid
  3. Live Online
  4. Online


  • No student fee
  • No course certification required
  • Fully functional course supplemental Canvas site.


  • $35 student fee
  • Course certification required
  • 50% in-class, 50% asynchronous instruction in Canvas

Live Online

  • $10 student fee
  • No course certification required
  • Live webinar lectures at scheduled class day/time


  • $12/credit hour student fee
  • Course certification required
  • Instructed asynchronously in Canvas


Face-to-Face, Hybrid, Live Online and Online Courses

What is the difference between a Component, Hybrid and an Online site?

  1. Face-to-Face – The instructor develops/utilizes a companion website for the face-to-face class where students may interact through messaging, the instructor may provide handouts, presentations slides, and/or administer assignments or tests. Students may use their own computer with an Internet connection or may use a computer at one of Palm Beach State's locations.
  2. Hybrid – In this type of class, 50% of the content must be delivered in a classroom. The remainder of the instruction is conducted asynchronously online through an instructor developed online course site utilizing the Canvas LMS.
  3. Live Online – In this class, lectures are delivered live via Webinar software (Zoom) at regularly scheduled class dates/times.  The live lectures are supplemented with instructional material and student activities in Canvas.
  4. Online – In this class, all of the instruction is delivered asynchronously online via the Canvas LMS. Students may be required to take examinations proctored by video and/or in a secured testing environment.

How do obtain a Canvas development site?

  1. If you are a faculty role in Canvas already assigned to you (are assigned to any course site in a 'teacher' role), you can create a new course for development by clicking on the 'Start a New Course' button on your Dashboard page.  If you have never been assigned to a course as an instructor, please notify Instrcutional Design and we'll create a course and the role assignment for you. 
  2. Develop your course by adding content to the Development site.
  3. Once your course has been fully developed (all course material added), please request a certification review by emailing Instructional Design.
  4. When certification is provided, Workday (WD) records will be updated with the course certification level and you'll qualify to be assigned to instruct your course in the appropriate modality (hybrid / online).
  5. Once you receive your certification notice, notify your department supervisor your course is certified for respective course delivery.

What is the criteria for certification?

Please review the College's Certification Guidelines. Please note that certification and the addition of the course certification record into Workday must happen before the first day of registration. When one student registers, the system prevents a course assignment (for hybrid and online courses) to an instructor that has not had that course / modality certified.

Is there a deadline for certification?

Please view our certification request deadlines for each upcoming term below (expand the +Faculty Tutorials / Course Certification section of this page).

Online Tutorials

Before you attend workshops, you can learn the features of Canvas online at your own pace!  Enroll yourself into these two courses and you'll access on demand tips, tutorials, and a plethora of resources.

Whether you are just getting started with Canvas or a veteran at online teaching in need of a review, these tutorials are here for you.

Upcoming Workshops

We are excited to provide training opportunities for Palm Beach State faculty and staff. Our faculty trainers will instruct and provide guidance during each workshop.

On-Demand Tutorials

To access the list of Resources and Tutorials provided Canvas, use the Canvas navigation 'HELP' button to see a list of available resources. 

These two course provide an organized Modules based on most common used tools and resources.


Course Certification Guidelines

All new Online and Hybrid courses must meet PBSC Course Certification Guidelines and be Certified before they are eligible for instruction.  Please review the Certification Guidelines (link above), and the Course Certification submission/requests Deadlines (below).

Course Certification Request Timeline Information

All new Online and Hybrid Canvas courses must be reviewed and certified
before the course can be offered for instruction.

Please request a course certification review from Instructional Design no later than:
10 Workdays before the First Date of Course Registration for Intended Semester.

Please note that certification and the addition of the course certification record into Workday must happen before the first day of registration. When one student registers, the system prevents a course assignment (for hybrid and online courses) to an instructor that has not had that course / modality certified.

Miscellaneous Information for Faculty

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