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eLearning Resources for Students

Review this information carefully before you begin taking Online Courses with us at PBSC

Are you thinking about taking online classes at Palm Beach State College? Online courses and degrees are great for motivated, self-disciplined students whose schedules do not permit them to attend regularly scheduled on-campus course meetings, or for those who like the convenience of a blend of on-campus and online learning.

Test yourself with the following quizzes to see if you are a good candidate for online learning:

 Prospective Student Tips

Are you thinking of studying online at Palm Beach State College? Here are some important things to consider:

  • You must apply and be admitted to Palm Beach State before you can register for online classes
  • We currently do not have a structured time frame in which one can graduate with an AA completely online
  • Students taking fully online classes may be asked to take proctored exams, either at a campus testing center, or elsewhere, if out of county
  • The College is not authorized to offer online classes to out of state students
  • If you are not technologically proficient, online classes are likely not for you
  • Mobile devices are not supported for learning online – you MUST have a reliable PC/Mac
  • Online students can get academic help through Smarthinking and the College’s eLibrary
  • It is strongly recommended that you have an alternative computer to use, just in case
  • Learning online is as rigorous as classroom learning, if not more
  • Even if you are an experienced distance learner, you are strongly advised to take ELO1000

More information for Prospective Students


 Current Student Tips

If you’re like most distance learners, you love the freedom of learning at home. How great is it that you don’t have to come to campus all the time?! Along with the conveniences that online classes afford, come some important responsibilities and best practices. Here are our top ten tips for online students: 

  • Create a quiet, distraction-free study spot
  • Keep a notebook for each class, just as if you were attending a class on campus
  • Know your learning style, and use that knowledge to study effectively for class
  • You have access to tutoring, both on campus and online
  • You have access to the College library, both on campus and online
  • Use a PC or Mac for online classes – mobile devices are not supported
  • Have a “Plan B” in case something goes awry
  • Keep a thumb drive that you use to save your work
  • Save ALL of your work!
  • Utilize eLearning resources, such as ELO1000 and the Student Support Center

More information for Current Students

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