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Do I Have Enough Time to Take College Classes?

Taking a college course can be a great learning experience, but the student must consider the amount of time required for this type of learning. Many students work and have other activities in their lives in addition to their classes. We recommend that you consider whether you have enough time to do all the things which you are planning.

For example, how many credits should you take during a semester, given the number of hours you work? We recommend the following for a 16-week semester term:  

Work 40+ hours/week 1 Course at most 4 credit hours
Work 30 - 40 hours/week 1 - 2 Courses at most 7 credit hours
Work 20 - 30 hours/week 1 - 3 Courses at most 10 credit hours
Work under 20 hours/week up to Full-Time at most 15 credit hours

While the table above is a guide, work responsibilities are not the only factors to consider. To assist you in making your  decision, take the following questionnaire.

To use the questionnaire below, answer all the questions that apply to your situation. Enter only numbers and no words. Enter decimals for parts of an hour (e.g. 15 minutes = .25 hours, 20 minutes = .33 hours, 30 minutes = .50 hours and 45 minutes = .75 hours).  Use the TAB key to move from one question to the next.

When you are finished, click the CALCULATE button. If you wish to start over, click the RESET button.

15 minutes = .25 hours, 20 minutes = .33 hours, 30 minutes = .50 hours and 45 minutes = .75 hours
15 minutes = .25 hours, 20 minutes = .33 hours, 30 minutes = .50 hours and 45 minutes = .75 hours

We offer those of you who are potential online students, two tests to assist you in determining whether you are a person who will be successful taking an online class. This test dealt with who you are as a person. The other one: Do I have the technical skills and knowledge to learn online? deals with the technical skills and knowledge needed for the online student. If you are a potential online student and have not taken the other quiz, we recommend that you link there next. We recommend that after you have taken each test you print the results and take them to your Palm Beach State academic advisor.  Visit our academic advising web site for more information.

Still have questions? Send us an email:

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