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Field Observation

Courses that Require Field Observation (FO) & Teaching Practicum

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Students enrolled in EDF2005 Introduction to The Teaching Profession and EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators are required to complete 15 hours of Field Observation for each course. Students enrolled in EPI0950 Teaching Methods Practicum are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Practicum. For course descriptions, please visit the current College catalog and enter the course number.

The purpose of Field Observation is to provide meaningful learning experiences for pre-service educators in accordance with state mandated guidelines for teacher preparation. Students should have an opportunity to:

  • Observe best practices and techniques for effective classroom management
  • Connect theory with practice
  • Obtain assistance in career decisions
  • Develop personal skills and values

Students can complete their field observation / teaching practicum through a variety of ways. Public school, charter school, and private school settings are available, as well as placement opportunities in the surrounding counties. Students may select the venue that works the best for them. 

If you have questions about the field observation (FO) assignment requirements, please consult with your professor. Questions about the observation placement process should be directed to Cyndi Demitruk.

Students enrolled in the EPI0950 Course, please visit EPI0950 Teaching Methods Practicum Information and  contact the Program Director Dr. Jamie Beth Leeder at the Educator Preparation Institute for additional information.

The process will require ALL field observation and practicum students to complete a school placement request. A link will be provided on this webpage and/or by your professor. This does includes Charter and Private School placement requests. 

For Practicum Students only: we have an affiliation agreement with St. Lucie Public Schools for students enrolled in EPI0950 to complete their practicum hours.

Field observation and practicum student placement requests are closed for the Fall 2023 term. Students wanting placement for SDPBC practicum, SDPBC FO, or charter and private school placements must complete a Online Placement Request according to the course they are enrolled.

Field Observation Placement or Practicum Placement Request links for Spring 2024 coming soon! Students wanting placement for SDPBC practicum, SDPBC FO, or charter and private school placements must complete a Online Placement Request according to the course they are enrolled. Students then submit their placement request and once placement is confirmed a email will be sent out with the placement details. NO SELF-PLACEMENTS  in Palm Beach County, Martin County or St. Lucie County public schools.


Badging & Security Process

Palm Beach County School District 

The PBCSD no longer requires District ID Badges for Practicum and Field Observation students. Please Click Here for Pre-Service Student ID Requirements. Each time a practicum or field observation student visits a school, they will use Raptor* to sign in. Raptor will print out a new sticker (badge) for each visit and students must display their Palm Beach State College ID to identify them as a Pre-Service Student.

*Please note students are required to show a current driver's license or other government issued ID


Charter/Private/Out-of-County Process

Charter, private and out-of-county public schools may have separate security and badge requirements. Please visit the appropriate web page to learn more:


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