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Field Observation

Please scroll down to Important: Updates for Fall 2021-1 and Spring 2021-2 Field Observation & Teaching Practicum ↓ 


Courses that Require Field Observation (FO) & Teaching Practicum

Students enrolled in EDF2005 Introduction to The Teaching Profession and EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators are required to complete 15 hours of Field Observation (FO) for each course. Students enrolled in EPI0950 Teaching Methods Practicum are required to complete 30 hours of practicum.

The purpose of Field Observation (FO) is to provide meaningful learning experiences for pre-service educators in accordance with state mandated guidelines for teacher preparation. Through Field Observation, students should have an opportunity to:

  • Observe best practices and techniques for effective classroom management
  • Connect theory with practice
  • Obtain assistance in career decisions
  • Develop personal skills and values

EPI0950 Students can complete their 30 hours of practicum through a variety of ways. For Palm Beach County Public Schools the student must be a current teacher with the SDPBC. For Martin County Public Schools please go to Martin County School Placements for information. Private, Charter or Out-of-County schools, placements are secured by the student and approved by their professor. Please check with the school to see if they allow placements and their security clearance requirements due to COVID19.   

Those students enrolled in EPI0950 who have questions about course assignments, please consult with your professor. Any questions about the field experience placement process or school venues contact Cyndi Demitruk.

Students enrolled in the Teacher Certification Program in the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI), please contact the Early Childhood K-12 Programs Director Susy Martinez-White for additional practicum placement requirements i.e. teaching demonstrations, teaching certification, completion, etc. 

This process requires all students enrolled in field experience and practicum courses to complete the Field Observation Online Placement Request. For the complete Field Experience Process please go to  See below for Field Observation & Teaching Practicum term updates, Palm Beach County and Martin County security clearance, forms and SDPBC websites.


Important: Updates for Fall 2021-1 & Spring 2021-2 Field Observation (FO) & Teaching Practicum (EPI)

Please note, students enrolled in EDF2005 and/or EDF2085 the School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) Pre-Service Office has informed us they are unable to place FO students for the Fall 2021-1 and Spring 2021-2 terms. Contact your professor/instructor on completing your field observation hours. 

  • Students enrolled in EPI0950 may contact Director Susy Martinez-White for information on completing your field experience. Information on the placement process, schools, etc. inquiries should be directed to Cyndi Demitruk.
  • Only those students enrolled in EPI0950 Teaching Methods Practicum, please follow the process for private, charter or out-of-county public schools please follow the instructions for Private/Charter/Out-of-County schools please visit  
  • Students seeking Martin County Public School placements, go to Martin County Placement Process. It is suggested that you may want to contact the school to ask if they are accepting classroom placements and that they have a certified Clinical Educator in your subject area on your certification.
  • For Private, Charter or Out-of-County Placements, the student secures the placement and should contact the school and notify their professor for approval on the pending placement. 
  • For additional info, listings of PBC private and charter schools & the permission memo form go to Private/Out-of-County/Charter School Placements. For Out-of-County public school placements (Broward, Hendry, etc.) you will need to contact the school district on their security requirements for placements due to COVID19.
  • Any questions, information, and/or concerns on fall or spring placements, please contact Cyndi Demitruk, Phone: (561) 868-3617.


  • Complete the FIELD OBSERVATION (FO) ONLINE APPLICATION PLACEMENT REQUEST FORM (Instructions) to start the field observation placement process for all classes.  The form has two parts: 1) Students log onto a secure site ( and complete the online application placement request for Palm Beach and Martin County (MC) Public School placement or if they intend to select a charter, private or other county placement opportunity. 2) Students can either attach their Level 2 Security Badge (PBC public schools), Martin County Public School Security Letter, or completed and signed permission memo for charter, private or out-of-county public schools to the placement form prior to completing it OR log back into the online form at a later time to attach the badge, permission memo or MC security letter.
  • Access to the previous submitted online placement form is accomplished by going to Log in and click on "My Messages".  Find the message related to your online request and click on the link at the bottom of the message.  This will take you to the online request you have submitted and allow you to update it as needed, attach your badge or permission memo and resubmit the request.  Here are the Instructions for updating the previously submitted FO Online Placement form. If you are attaching a new badge or permission memo please note only one document can be uploaded and you will need to email your new badge or permission memo to 
  • Students who work for the School District are required to go through the online placement form submission. These students can submit their existing Level 2 badge and the placement process can be initiated.  If your badge has expired please contact the SDPBC Fingerprinting & Badge Office on the process and cost. 

Private/Charter/Out-of-County School Placements

Private, Charter or Surrounding County school placements are secured by the student and approved by the course professor before an observation schedule is arranged.  For the entire process on these placements please visit Private/Charter/Other-County/FO-Placement-Opportunities. The required Permission Memo needs to completed and signed by the school director or principal and added to the FO Online Placement Request Form (Instructions for adding the Permission Memo) or emailed to Cyndi Demitruk. Please note for Charter School field observation/practicum - PBSC students with charter school badges, you still need to submit a permission memo to process your placement for your field observation/practicum assignment. Out of County Public Schools (Broward, Hendry) require a Permission Memo. Please make sure to follow the county school district security clearance process.

For information, please check the College's dedicated coronavirus (COVID-19) website, monitor our social media accounts and check your college email.


Field Observation (FO) Forms, FAQ's, & Information for Professors:

PBSC FO Forms, PBC & Martin County School District Forms
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About FO
Field Observation Information for Professors

Get answers to questions about Field Observation, by filling out the FO Online Inquiry Form.

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