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Honors Faculty

Schedule of Meetings

All meetings will begin at 10:00am and are planned to adjourn by 12:00pm in Center for Bachelor's Programs (CBP) Room 314 on the Lake Worth campus.

Meetings will be held once per semester - fall and spring.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the Honors College for dates.


2018 - 2019 Honors Advisory Committee

Contact Information
Name Campus Honors College Role
Marcella Montesinos Lake Worth District Chair
Tony Piccolino Lake Worth Faculty Coordinator
Sheila Scott-Lubin Lake Worth Administrator
Velmarie Albertini Lake Worth Ex Officio Member
Brent Ferns Lake Worth Member
Connie Tuisku Lake Worth Member
Sapna Gupta Lake Worth Member
Patrick Tierney Lake Worth Member
Lystra Seenath Lake Worth Member
Sandra Demauro Lake Worth Campus Liaison
Emmanuel Alvarado Palm Beach Gardens Member
Robin Fiedler Palm Beach Gardens Member
Kathryn Thomasson Palm Beach Gardens Campus Liaison
Roxanna Anderson Boca Raton Member
Wendy Mendez-Hasselman Boca Raton Member
Rhonda Trust Schwartz Boca Raton Campus Liaison
Mark Gatlin Loxahatchee Grove/Belle Glade Member
Charles Cuthbertson Loxahatchee Grove/Belle Glade Campus Liaison


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