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How do I request a copy of my job description?
Job descriptions can be requested online at Job Description Request. The following information is required to request a job description: name, position title, and budget position number – view the Employee Listing for the BP#.

Are there job descriptions available for Faculty and Adjunct positions?
There are only job descriptions available for staff positions.

How long does it take to classify a position?
After all documents and approval signatures are obtained, the classification analysis can take from 7 - 10 business days, pending receipt of relative resource information. Packets received without the appropriate approval signatures will be returned.

What forms are required to classify a new position?
To begin the recruitment and classification process for new positions, submit the budget approval documentation, the Job Analysis Questionnaire, current department organizational chart; and complete the online Position Vacancy Justification Request.

What are the requirements for a position to be considered for reclassification?
A position reclassification occurs when a position has changed such that it no longer is appropriately placed in the wage and salary structure. As a standard, at least 40% of the job should have changed to warrant a re-evaluation.

What forms are required for a Reclassification Request?
To be considered for reclassification, the supervisor must submit a Position Reclassification Request form, Reclassification Job Analysis Questionnaire, and current department organizational chart.

What is the deadline to submit Reclassification Requests?
The completed packet must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources between January 1 through March 31 of the current year to be considered for the subsequent fiscal year. Late submissions will not be considered until the next consecutive fiscal year.

Why is completing a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) necessary?
The JAQ is an essential tool when classifying a position. The supervisor has the opportunity to outline the responsibilities and requirements of the position. The information on the JAQ is utilized to compose the job description and tasks are used. Position classification is the formal assignment of a job title, salary grade, and job description that is developed based on the requirements of the position. The components of a position classification include scope of duties and responsibilities, skills and abilities, educational criteria, length of experience, and market pay information.

What is the Activity Dictionary
The Activity Dictionary is a list of essential job functions used to develop a job description. The maximum amount of activities placed on a job description is 25.

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Who is our dental insurance carrier?
Full-time employees may elect group dental insurance and choose either Dental Care USA (FL48N) or Delta Dental PPO. Visit the Delta Dental website for more info. Dental Care USA (plan FL48N) can be contacted by calling (800) 422-4234 and Delta Dental PPO can be contacted by calling (800) 521-2651.

When can I make changes to my dental coverage?
Changes to the dental plan are made during open enrollment with an effective date of January 1 of the following year.

Can I make changes to my dental plan any time during the year?
Plan changes made, before or after open enrollment, to the dental plan must meet IRS qualifying factors. Contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions regarding Qualifying Factors which include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Medicare Eligibility
  • Birth
  • Spouse obtaining gainful employment with benefits
  • Adoption
  • Death

Am I required to enroll in the dental plan every year?
Human Resources sends email and information to your mail station each year regarding open enrollment and what is required.

Can I switch dentists?
The college offers the Delta Dental PPO and the DeltaCare USA plan. You may switch your dentist at anytime without notification if you are on Delta Dental PPO. If you have the DeltaCare USA you must contact Delta Dental via telephone at (800) 422-4234 or by internet at

How do I obtain a new dental insurance card?
The Delta Dental PPO does not issue cards but participants can print a card by visiting In order to obtain a card if you are on the DeltaCare USA plan, you can contact customer service at (800) 422-4234.

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How do I apply for a position?
The college's employment application is web-based, you must submit an online application on our website under Jobs. The application process involves two important steps: (1) completing and saving your online application and (2) attaching your application and any attached documents. If you are a new user, click the Search Open Jobs link to view our welcome page with details on how to apply for current openings.

What is the process after a Position Vacancy Request is approved by all levels of supervision?
The Executive Director of Human Resources submits to the Executive Leadership committee a report of the position vacancy requests that are received in Human Resources on a weekly basis. Positions that are approved by the Executive Leadership committee are signed by the Director of Human Resources who then forwards them to employment and classification for processing. The processing of approved replacement vacancy requests usually take four (4) to seven (7) working days, which includes any revisions to the job descriptions and the supervisor’s approval of the job overviews. A new position classification may take seven (7) to ten (10) days, depending on the receipt of relevant information.

How often is the employment job line updated?
The job line is updated on a weekly basis. Generally, new vacant positions can be viewed after 12:01 am on Saturday.

How long is a position posted on the job line?
All positions are posted on the college’s website for a minimum of 5 business days. The posting period for certain positions could be longer.

What do I do if I forget my password?
You will need to contact the Office of Human Resources to reset your password. Then when you go to login, type your user name in both the user name and password and click “Login". The system will immediately require that you change your password. Next to “Current Password" type your user name. Then, create and confirm a new password.

When viewing the position(s) which I need to approve, I cannot approve a Position Vacancy request that has been submitted to me, i.e. “Submit to Supervising Administrator". What can I do?
Please refer to the notification email that will indicate to you the user type at which you will be approving the position vacancy request. If you need to change your user type; Go to the Navigation Bar located on the left side of the page and click “Change User Type". Click on the appropriate radio button displayed. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for additional assistance.

What type of transcript do I need to submit?
Upon employment, official transcripts are required from all full time and regular part time administrative, faculty and professional employees. Adjunct instructors teaching a credit course and Tutors must submit an official transcript to the Office of Human Resources within the first semester of employment. (Adjunct instructors teaching non-credit courses are required to submit an unofficial transcript). Without the official transcript, employees cannot continue employment at the College.

Can transcripts be submitted electronically?
After a person is hired the college requires that an official paper copy of a transcript be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Electronic transcripts will not be accepted as the College does not have the capability to receive electronic transcripts.

May I get an Employment Verification letter today?
Employees are required to make a written request for Employment Verification letters if authorized documentation is needed. There is a three (3) day waiting period for this request.

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Family Medical Leave

I am part-time, Am I eligible for FMLA?
Full time and regular part time employees who have been with the college at least one year and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the past 12 months are eligible.

How much time off do I get with FMLA?
Family medical leave can be up to 12 weeks in a rolling calendar year, meaning the year begins when FMLA begins.

I’d like to go on FMLA, but I only want to use my sick time and then go on unpaid leave. Can I do that?
FMLA begins when the employee needs to be out for specific reasons regardless of whether paid leave time is available. All paid leave must be utilized before the employee goes into unpaid status.

How do I report my time?
Employees need to complete leave forms to designate hours of sick and unpaid time each pay period and submit to their supervisor. The FMLA box on the form needs to be checked. If the employee has an emergency and cannot complete the form, the department will complete the forms on behalf of the employee noting "unavailable to sign" on the "person requesting" line.

I need to be out a few times over the next few months for the same medical reason. Do I need to apply each time?
If the medical condition is documented by the physician as requiring ongoing treatments, intermittent FMLA leave may be granted; however, ongoing doctor’s notes are required.

Is FMLA paid leave?
FMLA is unpaid leave. It is designating permission to be out for up to 12 weeks for specific reasons under the law.

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FRS: Florida Retirement System

How do I switch to another FRS plan?
FRS allows you to change between the pension and investment plans one time in your career. If you would like to switch, you need to call the financial guidance line at 1-866-44-MYFRS to speak with a representative. The representative will provide you an estimate of the cost to switch and will advise you about your personal financial situation.

I was in the FRS pension plan at my previous employer. When I start at Palm Beach State can I enter the investment plan instead?
You may choose to utilize your one time second election if you would like to switch.

When am I eligible to enter DROP?
Investment plan and CCORP members are not eligible for DROP. You can begin DROP when you reach normal retirement age.

I am in the CCORP. Can I return to the FRS pension plan?
If you opted out of the FRS plan and selected the CCORP and were never a member of the FRS, you may use your second election to return. FRS will calculate the amount needed from your CCORP account to buy into the pension plan.

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IRM: Instruction Resource Management

When should the Final IRM Contracts be generated?
Final contracts should be generated after the drop and add period or when the department is certain the class will be held.

When will I get paid for my class?
Credit adjunct classes and faculty overloads are paid the second pay check of a semester after the drop and add period. The salary is divided into equal payments throughout the semester.

What should the department do if a class is canceled and an IRM contract is approved?
The department needs to notify the Office of Human Resources to unlink the class and to purge the assignment. After this is done, the department can cancel the class.

Which pay method do I select for a faculty member teaching in the Summer?
As Summer classes are considered overload, use the OC pay method for credit courses and the ON pay method for non-credit courses.

What should I do if I need to submit IRM paperwork for a faculty member working at another campus?
Inload classes are selected for the home campus. The other campus selects overload classes.

How are department chair points coded in the system?
Department chair points are considered inload points.

How do I enter information in the system for a split class?
The path for the message to get to the split class is ST CU CC MR (enter reference number). Select F9 for the comments section which will appear on the IRM contract.

How should a contract be run if an adjunct is teaching on multiple campuses?
Generate the contract by campus or reference number to avoid loading classes for another campus.

How do I know if an adjunct should be coded ADJS or ETOS, ADJU or ETOR?
If you are using an hourly payroll use ADJU or ETOR for the inload position. If you are using a salary payroll use ADJS or ETOS for the inload position. Try to keep a list of your adjuncts that are on retirement so they can be placed in the correct department codes (ETOS-salary or ETOR-hourly). If you are not sure if a person is not on retirement when you are in the “Maintain Class Instructor Load" screen, select F6 to view the instructor’s assignment.

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Leave Time

Why doesn't my Paid Personal time show on my Leave Balances on the Employee Web?
Paid Personal balances will only show after the first time you use your Paid Personal time. A full-time employee will have a maximum of four (4) personal leave days per fiscal year to be charged against accrued sick leave. Unused personal leave may not be carried over to the next fiscal year.

What does it mean to be in paid status as it pertains to Board Policy 6Hx-18-5.12 - Holidays and Other Paid Non-Duty Days?
Twelve-month, full-time employees will be paid for holidays that have been approved by the District Board of Trustees as long as the employee works or is in approved paid status before and after the holiday. For a single day holiday, the employee must be in approved paid status for the full scheduled workday preceding and following the holiday. For multiple day holidays, the employee must work or be in approved paid status for the five (5) scheduled workdays preceding and following multiple day holidays. If an employee has any unpaid time before or after a holiday, they will not be paid for the holiday.

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Medical Leave Time

Who is our medical insurance carrier?
The College's medical carrier is Florida Blue. The contact information for Florida Blue is . The telephone number for the HMO plan is (877) 352-2583 and the telephone number for the PPO plan is (800) 255-4908.

Who is our carrier for vision?
We actually have two vision plans. Vision benefits are covered by Florida Blue through the Blue 365 discount program Davis Vision. There is also a voluntary vision plan, VSP Choice, through VSP Vision. Visit the VSP website or call customer service at (800) 877-7195.

When can I make changes to my medical coverage?
Changes to the medical plan are made during open enrollment with an effective date of January 1 of the following year.

Can I make changes to my medical plan any time during the year?
Changes made, before or after open enrollment, to the medical plan must meet IRS qualifying factors. Contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions regarding Qualifying Factors which include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Medicare Eligibility
  • Birth
  • Spouse obtaining gainful employment with benefits
  • Adoption
  • Death

Am I required to enroll in the medical plan every year?
Human Resources sends email and information to your mail station each year regarding open enrollment and what is required.

How do I obtain a new medical insurance card?
Refer to the Florida Blue website at You must register on their website in order to obtain a temporary card.

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PAF: Personnel Action Form

Are there any written instructions for PAFs?
Written information regarding the usage of PAFs is on page 16 of the Salary Schedule.

I see only one approver on the online form. How do I get a second administrator to approve the PAF?
The person generating the PAF cannot view the option for two approvers. The first approver receives the PAF and has the option to select the second approver, if appropriate.

How do I know when HR has received the PAF?
Once the PAF has been submitted to the Office of Human Resources, the person who generated the PAF and the approvers will receive an electronic confirmation.

The temporary employee in my department did not receive a paycheck?
PAFs must be received by the Office of Human Resources by the HR Cut-off date to ensure that the temporary employee is on the payroll system. The cut-off dates can be viewed on our website under HR/Payroll Submission Dates.

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Performance Appraisals

Where are the Performance Appraisal forms located?
The performance appraisal forms are located online under Forms and Documents.

Who is eligible to receive a 3-month and 6-month Performance Appraisal?
All regular new non-bargaining unit employees receive the following after the employment start date:

  • Classified employees: 3-month and 6-month performance appraisal
  • Professional employees: 6-month performance appraisal

When a current employee transfers to, or is promoted to another position within the college, classified employees will receive Introductory Appraisals after three and six months. Administrative, managerial, and professional employees will receive Introductory Appraisals after they have been in the new position for six months. If an employee’s six-month Introductory Appraisal falls within the same time period as the Annual Review, the supervisor should complete the applicable annual performance appraisal form.

When are annual Performance Appraisals due?
All regular non-bargaining unit employees receive an annual appraisal which is due by June 30th each fiscal year.

How often are the bargaining unit members evaluated?
The bargaining agreement states: "Each tenured faculty member will be subject to a written evaluation by his/her Associate Dean or supervisory administrator at least once every three (3) years, which may be based in whole or part on classroom or duty observations. Such evaluation must contain a conclusionary statement, either positive or negative, and shall be discussed with the faculty member and signed by him/her acknowledging discussion prior to being placed in his/her file. Any evaluation may be answered by the bargaining unit member within fourteen (14) working days of signature by the faculty member and such answer shall be attached to the evaluation in his/her file."

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Professional Development

Who is eligible to attend employee training and development workshops?
Any current full-time and part time employees, including adjunct instructors, are eligible to attend workshops provided by the Office of Human Resources.

Do I have to use personal leave time to attend training workshops?
Employees are paid for time spent in a training workshop. However, you should let your supervisor know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending a training session so that arrangements can be made to ensure coverage for the department.

How do I register for a workshop?
All registration is done online through Employee Web. From the yellow menu at the top of the page, select Personal>Professional Development>Register for a Class. You can then search for available workshops by type, topic, date, campus, and/or title. If you need additional assistance with registration, a tutorial is available at Professional Development Management System Tutorial.

I am trying to enroll in a class, but my only option says “waitlist". What should I do?
Due to classroom capacity limits, our workshops have a specific number of openings. If the “Waitlist" button is displayed where the “Enroll" button would ordinarily be, the session is currently full. We encourage you to select the “Waitlist" button, which will place you on the waiting list for the class and will automatically enter you as a participant should someone else drop out. You will be notified through an automated email if space becomes available. We also monitor the size of waiting lists. If they become large enough to warrant the addition of a second workshop, we will do so and offer the seats first to those listed on the waiting list for the current session.

I am enrolled in a workshop but won’t be able to attend, how do I withdraw from the class?
In order to ensure sufficient participation levels and to allow someone on the waiting list to take your place, it is important that you withdraw from the class via Employee Web. To withdraw from a class, select Personal>Professional Development>Register. Locate the workshop using the search function, and click on the “Withdraw" button.

How can I view a listing of the training workshops that I’ve already attended?
To view your professional development activity history, log onto Employee Web, and from the yellow menu bar at the top of the page select Personal>Professional Development>Activity History.

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