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Learning Experiences

Welcome to the Learning Experiences page!

Here you will find developmentally appropriate, innovative, creative, and fun activities to help children develop their own creativity, engage in STEAM thinking and learning, investigate, explore, and discover.  There are descriptions of the activities (we prefer the term, “learning experience”), suggestions for facilitating them, explanations related to children’s thinking and learning, and other information for both teachers and families.  These are written by the Building Up STEAM team, teachers in the program, and our awesome visitors.  If you have some learning experiences to share, email  We’ll let you know if your submission is accepted.

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We firmly believe that children at this age need many deep, rich, meaningful play-based experiences to build a strong foundation in the STEAM fields.  We believe there are opportunities to learn about STEAM concepts all day, every day.

We want children to be thrilled by discoveries that they make.  We want them to ask many questions and learn to seek answers to their own inquiries.  We want them to develop strong thinking and reasoning skills and a passion for thinking, learning, exploring, and investigating Science, Technology Engineering, Art, and Math.

Explore the rich, meaningful learning that comes through playful STEAM learning experiences!



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