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2017 Newsletter

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Get Ready to Grow!

GRTG Issue 11

Connected Moments with Infants and Toddlers

Date: Wednesdays, March 28 - May 2, 2018

Location: Historic Building (WPB)

Description: This course is designed to enhance the quality of the relationship
between infants and toddlers, and their caregivers, by strengthening attachment, attunement and social play.


Spotlight Issue 11

Center for Early Learning's STEAM Parent Night
By Kat Lai

Parents and children alike had a fabulous time investigating, exploring, discovering, learning, and laughing at the Center for Early Learning’s STEAM Parent Night.  The event encouraged parents to learn about the wonderful world of early childhood science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) activities.

What You Need to Know about the Institute of Excellence's SEEK Scholarship Program
Watch our new video about how SEEK Scholarship can help you achieve your educational goals.




Close-Up Issue 11

Congratulations to Katherine Johnson, Instructional Designer at the Institute,
on successfully completing Palm Beach State College's nine-month Emerging Leaders development program last month!

Get Ready to Grow!

GRTG Issue 10

Creating a Peaceful Classroom through Connections

Date: 2017 Fall Semester (2 course offerings)

Locations: Lake Worth & the Historic Building (WPB)

Description: In this training, you will learn how to make connections with children, which will create a peaceful and supportive classroom environment. You will also receive a tool box filled with connection rituals that families can practice with children at home.


Karla McCurry
Owner of Palm Beach Preschool

Owner Reflects on Palm Beach Preschool's 10-Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, I began a journey in the early childhood education community. I took on a challenge of owning a business in a field where I had a passion.

What You Need to Know about the Institute of Excellence's Training Department
Watch our new video about why you should enroll in our professional development trainings.




Close-Up Issue 10

Congratulations to Bernita Willingham, associate teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School, on earning her Bachelor's degree in Supervision & Management this summer! Ms. Willingham now qualifies for the highest level of the ACHIEVE salary supplement award.



Building Relationships & Creating Supportive Environments
(Behavior Management I)

September 5 - October 9, 2017

Location: Distance Learning/Online Course 

In this training, you will learn: 1) how love
leads to learning and 2) how to prevent challenging behavior
in the classroom. This is a fully online course,
delivered in a format that will support transfer of
knowledge into your daily classroom interactions.

 GRTG Issue 9


Spotlight Issue 9


    IEECE Brings STEAM Learning to the Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire

The IEECE was honored to be one of
more than 60 Makers at the
Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire,
at the South Florida Science
Center and Aquarium.

What You Need to Know about the Institute of Excellence's new course, 
Behavior Management III.

 Issue 9 Video


 Click "PLAY" on the image to watch our latest learning objects from the Behavior Management III playlist.

Green Ruler


A Closer Look at the Implementation of Conscious Discipline in Early Childhood Education
Centers and Classrooms


SEEK Scholarship Recipients:
For These Sisters,
Education Matters

2017 Fall Semester SEEK Scholarship Deadline


  Close-Up Issue 8 

 Congratulations to our SEEK Scholarship recipients on  earning
early childhood education certificates and degrees on May 9, 2017! 

Pictured left to right are:
Martha Valdivielso, Krystal Johnson and Patricia Puente,
who earned Associate in Science Degrees  in Early Childhood Education.
Rachel Ivey, who earned a College Credit Certificate in Child Care Management.




Overview of Infant CLASS

 Mondays, January 30 - February 27

 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

 Palm Beach Gardens Campus  

 In order for infants to learn, 
they need to feel safe, be given guided
exploration time and bond with those around
them. This course is designed to give the
infant teacher an overview of the Infant 
CLASS Observation Tool.  

 GRTG Issue 8


Spotlight Issue 8

Sherry R. Fleischman
SEEK Scholarship recipient


    An Unexpected Opportunity

"You should be a kindergarten
teacher; you have so much patience,"
my late mother-in-law stated, as I 
ran after my one-year-old. 
Now, fifteen years later, the Institute
of Excellence along with the School 
District of Palm Beach County, made 
that statement come true. 

What You Need to Know about How the Institute of Excellence 
Inspires Success!

 Issue 8 Video


 Click "PLAY" on the image to watch our latest video, Education Matters!

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A Mentor's Reflection on the Implementation
of Conscious Discipline in the Classroom


The IEECE's Tutoring Program Partners with
the College's Library to Assist ESOL Students! 

Learning Objects Are Now Available in Spanish!


  Close-Up Issue 8 

 Congratulations to Claudette Courtney,
Lead Teacher at the Royal Palm Beach YWCA Child Development Center,
for accessing the IEECE's tutoring services to
help her successfully complete Finite Math!
Ms. Courtney is currently enrolled in the Bachelor's of Applied Science in
Supervision & Management cohort program, and plans
to take Organizational Theory and Management next semester!


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