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Printers, Copiers & Multi-Function Devices

One of the goals set with the Print Efficiency Project was to reduce the expense to the College for printer toner.  To meet that goal, we have transitioned our HP Printer services to TGI Managed Services. They currently have the toner/maintenance contract for the Lanier and Savin Multi-function printer/copier devices (MFPs), and also have the contract to replace the toner cartridges for the three standard HP laser printer models as well as networked MFP and Follow-You printers. 

What does this mean to you?

TGI will use software tools to monitor the standard HP laser printers and proactively replace your toner cartridges.  You will see them on campus throughout the week replacing them.


What printers will they monitor?  And what will they do?

  • TGI WILL replace toner for the following models: 
      • HP CP3525 - Color LaserJet
      • HP P2055n - LaserJet
      • HP P4015 - Laser Jet
        (Printers are easily identified by the green TGI labels)
      • Networked MFPs (copiers you can print to)
      • Follow-You Printer
    • TGI staff will remove the old toner cartridge and install the new one.
    • Occasionally one of these devices will run out of toner before TGI arrives to replace it. If this happens, please use another printer nearby. If there are no available printers, or if there is an emergency need for toner, please call the Service Desk at 1.3100.
  • TGI WILL NOT replace toner on non-networked copiers (copiers you cannot print to)
    • If toner is out on your MFP device, contact TGI directly at 800.464.0384 to request toner be delivered to your department.

Will my departmental budget be charged for toner?

No. Toner for HP printers, MFPs, and Follow-You printers are covered under the TGI Managed Services contract and will be paid for from a college-wide account.


...I have network printing issues? Service Desk Ext 1.3100
...My HP LaserJet breaks, or has print quality issues? Service Desk Ext 1.3100
...I have an emergency need for Standard HP, MFP, or Follow-You printer toner? Service Desk Ext 1.3100
...My Copier, MFP, or Follow-You breaks? TGI direct 800.464.0384
...My non-networked TGI copier is low or out of toner? TGI direct 800.464.0384
...My Pay-for-Print MFP breaks? Service Desk Ext 1.3100
...My Pay-for-Print MFP is out of toner? Service Desk Ext 1.3100


Departmental Printer Budgeting Process (for Budget Managers)

For Budgeting Managers, as you prepare your annual Budget Requests, please keep in mind the following:

  • Capital outlay expenditures for replacement or purchase of new Multi-Function Printers (MFPs), formerly known as copiers, are to be included in your campus or VP area capital outlay budgets.
  • Business Services has looked into leasing copier/printer equipment and has determined that at this time it is not fiscally beneficial for the College to lease this type of equipment.
  • Since the devices have migrated from stand-alone copiers to multi-function devices attached to the College network, new devices must follow the College's computer equipment standards. In addition, acquired devices must comply with the College Print Sustainability Guidelines. This is why an IT assessment is required prior to receiving a quote from our vendor.
  • To initiate the request for a new MFP device assessment and quote, complete the Equipment Quote Request Form found on the Information Technology Assistance Center (Service Desk) web page.
  • TGI, The college's vendor for this equipment, has been instructed not to give quotes to departments until the Request for New Equipment Form and IT assessment have been completed.
  • TGI does not have a contractual obligation to provide loaner devices to the College. New devices will need to be purchased for any device that breaks and cannot be repaired. Please keep this in mind as you prepare your capital outlay budgets.


Departmental Printer Analysis Process

The ELC and the Print Efficiency Committee have adopted the following method for departmental printer analysis:

  1. Produce a current map of your departmental printing environment
  2. Discuss your current print volume and print needs
  3. Determine the best devices for your needs
  4. Set default printing to B/W
  5. Produce a map for printing in your department showing new locations and devices

The following information, approved by the ELC and the Print Efficiency Committee, may help you understand the analysis process:

  1. High cost inkjet printers will be removed
  2. Reduction of personal printing devices
  3. Multifunction devices are highly recommended for most departments due to their low operational cost
    a. Centrally located
    b. Can provide scanning and other functions
  4. Current method to pay for multifunction device supplies:
    a. Supplies for B/W devices are covered by college-wide support contracts
    b. Supplies for color capable devices are paid from departmental budgets (whether or not color copies are made)
  5. Fax machines
    a. The ELC has requested no additional fax lines be added
    b. Can be replaced by a multifunction device with fax capability if the device is located in the same area as the existing fax machine
  6. Guidelines for receiving personal/desktop printing devices
    a. No group printing device is located within a reasonable or accessible distance of workstation
    b. Job function requires an employee to remain at their workstation
    c. Confidentiality of print material
    d. Security concerns
    e. Disability accommodations
    f.  A manager and their administrative assistant are to share a single printer with the location being determined by the department.

Departments will be analyzed and recommendations made based on their printing needs. If you have a critical printing issue, please contact the Service Desk.


Print Tutorials

 Consider the environment before you print

We have developed several tutorials for some of the basic printing functions. They are in a folder on your desktop. Check back often as new tutorials are being added. Click on the icon below to open the tutorials page and scroll to the bottom of the page for the printer tutorials.


Print page