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Workday Implementation


The Workday ERP project will follow the project methodology stages recommended by Workday which are Plan, Architect, Configure & Prototype, Test, and Deploy. Each of the software modules we will install follows these steps.


The Plan, Architect and Configure stages are more of the "behind the scenes" technical part of the project. The Prototype, Test, and Deploy will involve extensive change management, testing and training on the part of many College employees.

In preparation for the ERP project, College personnel conducted site visits at colleges around the state. In each of those visits, two things were heard: "We didn't do enough testing" and "We didn't do enough training." Those are two sage pieces of advice that the College plans to heed, and commit to extensive training and testing.

Each "module" of Workday is a project in itself. The main modules are:

  • Human Capital Management (includes Payroll and Human Resources)
  • Financials (includes procurement and all finance systems)
  • Student (includes recruitment, admissions, courses, classes, registration, student  records, and financial aid)


Each module project will have a timeline and implementation plan. The first to start will be Human Capital Management, then Financials, and finally, Student.

Please see the Timeline page for the schedule for implementation.

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