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Who's involved - Participation in the Workday ERP Project implementation process.

The Workday ERP project touched every employee at Palm Beach State College at some level. For some, it will mean they will do such tasks as filing a leave request or checking on their leave balances in a different way. For others who work on PantherNet most of the day, their workflows and ways of work will change in a more profound way. But each of these employees have a role to play in the implementation and testing process. Groups met for over two years in the pre-implementation stages. In 2014, the College contracted with the Exeter Company to conduct a readiness assessment of our ability to implement a new ERP system. At each stage of this process, we have followed their advice on many matters. Below are some of the committees that have been formed to help plan and execute the new Workday ERP.


ERP Implementation Team

The ERP Core team has lead personnel from Finance, Student Services, and Information Technology who were reassigned from their normal day-to-day duties to work on the ERP Project. In addition, personnel from the software vendor and from the installation team are on-site as needed providing guidance and support to PBSC personnel. 


ERP Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) has been meeting on a weekly basis for more than three years. The ESC has guided the path through assessing the existing organizational structure and developing governance practices going forward into the new ERP. The ESC has also guided the procurement process. The ESC Committee members are Dr. Peter Barbatis, Vice President Student Services, Richard Becker, Vice President Administration & Business Affairs, Dr. Roger Yohe, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Dr. Ginger Pedersen, Vice President Information Services, Dr. Bernadette Russell, Vice President Elearning & Instructional Technology and Provost, Boca Raton, Pam Harrison, ERP Director, Chuck Zettler, Dean, Enrollment Management, Ken Libutti, Chief Information Officer. Meetings are held weekly. Detailed information on the ESC is on the committee website.


Working Groups  

Each functional area has at least one Working Group, which provides input and guidance on system configuration, data conversion, testing, and training. The chairs of the Working Groups come from the ERP implementation team, depending on the complexity of the part of the system being implemented. Some groups may be larger or meet more frequently than others. Meetings are held weekly or bi-weekly as needed.


The College Community

Team leads  provide a summary of progress made each week when their system is in implementation phase. These are published to this website so that every college employee can participate in the process. We use college personnel for testing software, and for field testing training sessions. Everyone has a role to play in the ERP Project.



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