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Workday Training

Welcome to Workday Training at Palm Beach State College.

Our team has designed training that will meet your needs for training in Workday. Currently we are live in Human Capital Management, Payroll, and Finance. Workday Student will go live August 2020. 

Please locate the Green Bar on the right for direct links to Training Resources, Videos, and Job Aids. 

Workday Finance training will begin in June.

We realize that everyone learns differently, so you can choose from:

  • Traditional Classroom Learning - Click here to register
  • Live Webinars from your desktop (including evening sessions) - Click here to register
  • Short "how-to" videos - Videos
  • Job Aids (AKA "cheat sheets") - Job Aids

So what training classes should you take ? Follow this link for our best advice.

You can "mix and match" from among these choices. We will also be providing support for your questions and comments through our Knowledge Base on the Palm Beach State Team Dynamix website, where you can research answers to the most commonly asked questions. Will also feature this amazing help tool in the training. Take a look at this page to learn more about the Knowledge Base.

Because the training material is proprietary, you must use your Palm Beach State College User ID and password to access our training materials such as job aids and videos. 

The links on the right will guide you to these materials. 

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