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"Why are we replacing PantherNet?"


People ask this question frequently as they hear about the Workday ERP project. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, or a fancy way to say the computer systems that runs Palm Beach State College's business processes - how we admit, register and graduate students, how we hire people and pay them, how we buy things, how we pay for things and collect money, and how we award financial aid to students. PantherNet was developed in the late 1990s by a consortium of Florida colleges as a way to combine resources and design a system that met the collective needs. That system, known as Integrow, what we called PantherNet, has been in use since 1999. The technology that it is based on is no longer current. We have limited ability to be truly "mobile," the number one request from our students.

Each college that used the Integrow system has either ceased using it, or is underway in the implementation of a different ERP system with vendor software systems that are used nationally at colleges and universities. 



Watch this short video which helps explains our decision to find a replacement for PantherNet:


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