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Instructional Design Technology

Instructional Design Technology (IDT) supports faculty by collaborating toward enhancing teaching and learning (pedagogy) through innovative and effective uses of technology to enhance course content. The department provides faculty workshops, assists with the development of instructional multimedia, and supports technology that is essential to the creation of active learning experiences in courses, both online and in the classroom.


Staff and Contact Information

Department Contact:

IDT Staff
Name Title Office Location Phone Number Email
Mary Masi

Collegewide Director of Innovation & Instructional Technology

AD309  Boca Raton 561-862-4789
Robb Erwin Collegewide Instructional Technology Training Coordinator AD310  Boca Raton  561-862-4784
Will Fitts Instructional Technology Design Specialist AD300 Boca Raton  561-862-4726
Billy Reddy Instructional Technology Design Specialist LL103  Lake Worth  561-868-3183
Michael Collins Instructional Technology Design Specialist
LL103 Lake Worth 561-868-3169
Edward Candelers Instructional Technology Design Specialist LL217  Palm Beach Gardens  561-207-5819

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