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ISC - Palm Beach Gardens

The Instructional Support Center (ISC) provides support services for faculty and staff pursuant to the successful achievement of the college’s mission. At the Eissey Campus ISC, faculty, staff members and various personnel can depend on quality services and work done with an impressive efficiency.

Location & Office Hours

Instructional Support Center (ISC) is located within the Library in room 123. The operational hours are:

Monday - Thursday:  7:30 am - 6:30 pm
Friday (Fall & Spring):  7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday (Summer):  CLOSED
Saturday & Sunday:  CLOSED

Please note: Due to the confidential nature of many of our requests, no students are allowed in the ISC. This also applies to student workers and student tutors.


Instructional Support Services is proud to be a team of dedicated professionals.

Bonnie Walton, Instructional Support Specialist  |  (561) 207-5006

Virginia Lynch, Instructional Support Assistant  |  (561) 207-5002

Roseann Melillo, Instructional Support Assistant  |  (561) 207-5004

Mindy White, Instructional Support Assistant | (561) 207-5001

ISC Services

The ISC helps promote campus activities and events by producing these promotional materials:

  • flyers, brochures, programs, booklets, invitations, newsletters and posters

The ISC provides academic support by providing duplication of these instructional materials:

  • syllabi, handouts, exams, manuals, blueprints, etc.

Other ISC services include word processing, scanning, bindery, collation, and folding (bi-fold, tri-fold and z-fold).

Service Requirements

The ISC is not responsible for errors in grammar, spelling or content. The requester must ensure that the document is accurate and correct prior to submission.

To serve you more efficiently, please note the ISC closes on Fridays at 5 pm. All orders submitted electronically after closing hours will not be received until Monday at 7:30am. The Instructional Support Center will make the best effort to achieve the target times listed below.

Turn Around Time:

  • 1 to 2 working days for routine document
  • 3 to 4 working days during peak times for typing, reformatting or copying
  • 3 to 5 working days for Mid-Term, Final Exam or large projects
  • Materials received after 6:00pm are considered the next day's work.

The ISC does not deliver.

Duplication & Graphic Art Service Requirements

  • Documents must be in final form and camera ready
  • Text and images provided must be in compliance with existing Copyright Law, and the requester accepts liability for any infringement incurred by its use
  • Pick up and drop off at the Instructional Support Center, (LL123) located in the LLRC.
  • Color and specialty paper is available upon request
  • In an effort to conserve resources, the ISC produces all materials double-sided unless otherwise specified
  • All graphic art is to be submitted in PDF format; it will be printed exactly as formatted and sized
  • Graphic art may be printed 8½ x 11, 11x17, 24x36, 36x48 and custom size up to 36 inches wide. Banner width is 36 inches, banner length can be customized. Grommets are available.
  • Upon request graphic art may be mounted on foam board (24x36)
  • Student poster symposiums can be accommodated with prior notification by the instructor. Pick up of students' posters at the LLRC Circulation Desk should also be prearranged.
  • Email requests to
  • FAX to the ISC at (561) 207-5005

NOTE: The ISC does not offer graphic design services. If you have any questions regarding the layout of your document, please check the HELP menu and templates of whichever program you are using. You may also find tips on the manufacturers' website.

Work Order Requests

Email your request to:

Attachments must be submitted in the following format:

  • Word Document
  • JPEG Files
  • PDF Files
  • Power Point
  • Excel
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