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Florida Performance-Based Funding

Completion & Retention Measures

In 2015, the State of Florida implemented a “Performance-Based Funding” (PBF) scheme for state colleges, whereby a portion of the State funding provided to each institution depends on a competitive ranking based on points accumulated from 4 performance measures as follows:

  • Student Retention Rates
  • Student Completion (graduation) Rates
  • Graduates Employed
  • Average Entry Level Wages

Florida’s enactment of PBF requirements is controversial and was debated at length prior to enactment, as exemplified by the following article from “Inside Higher Ed.”

The State’s PBF requirements, as finally enacted, are outlined in detail in the document linked below:

FL PBF Overview of Requirements

Of the 4 performance measures, it has been determined that only Retention and Completion are measures which PBSC can realistically impact, near-term, because student employment and wages are outside our immediate control. Consequently, this report is focused on Retention and Completion.

As the first link below indicates, the State awarded PBSC the maximum score allowed (10 points) for Retention in 2015. Consequently, our goal going forward is to continue our excellent performance in this measure.

However, in the Completion measure, the State awarded PBSC a score of only 2.67 out of a possible 10 points (see second link below). Thus there is room for improvement in this measure.

FL PBF PBSC Retention 2015

FL PBF PBSC Completion 2015

To guide the organization in its efforts to retain our excellent Retention score and improve our Completion score, IRE prepared two comprehensive reports, one addressing Retention and the other Completion, which are linked below.

PBSC Performance-Retention 2015

PBSC Performance-Lower Division Completion 2015

The purpose of these two reports is not to replicate or refute the State’s scores, but to:

  1. Provide management with an indication of how PBSC is trending in each measure, and
  2. Provide a detailed and actionable breakdown of the factors contributing to performance in each of these important measures.

It is IRE’s intention to replicate these two reports each Fall so that we can track the effectiveness of actions taken.


Town Hall Meeting

At a February 12, 2016 Town Hall Meeting, IRE made two presentations to faculty and academic staff highlighting areas of potential improvement in PBSC’s completion and retention under the State of Florida’s Performance-Based Funding scheme.

Completion Town Hall Presentation

Retention Town Hall Presentation

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