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Strategy: Achieve a Healthy and Diverse Culture

Strategy Tactics by Division


  • Top 10% National Engagement
  • Honor Roll Great Colleges
  • Amplify Instructional Excellence


Divisions and Respective Tactics
Divisions Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3
AA Provide consistent communication and connectivity through the development of an interactive academic affairs intranet. Encourage a positive organization that attracts and retains a diverse and highly competent workforce Examine the Continuing Contract Process and develop a process for Post-Continuing Contract Review
Information Services      
ADM/BS Develop awareness and acceptance training on cultural differences, diversity and customer communication. Conduct recruitment targeting campaigns to attract a diverse workforce. Evaluate current security and examine feasibility to modify.
Instructional Design Technology
Plan to create additional Honors online courses that will eventually lead to fully online Honors AA Program. Continue to provide faculty and staff Instructional Design Technology training by implementing an Intentional Instructional Design and Technology Faculty Training Plan with levels and certification.  
Workforce Grow, develop, connect and lead the Business Partnership Councils on all Campuses Grow and strengthen workplace learning experiences, internally and externally  

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