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Strategy: Build Learning Environments

Strategy Tactics by Division


  • Effective Space Design
  • Amplify Instructional Excellence


Divisions and Respective Tactics
Divisions Tactic Tactic 2 Tactic 3
AA Implement best practices in the support of learning communities.    
Information Services Update classroom technology: have technology be transparent to the user.    
ADM/BS Designing innovative, flexible and creatively stimulating learning environments that allow for the interrogation of evolving future teaching technologies.    
Instructional Design Technology
Plan and design (collaboratively with stakeholders) models of Active Learning Spaces for classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs, libraries and common areas. Adopt the Educause Learning Space Rating System in identifying and designing learning spaces.  Incorporate learning space models within the Information Technology, Physical Facility, and Academic master plans.
  Enhance curriculum of fifteen (15) courses annually with virtual reality/simulation/animation instructional activities by collaborating with the Innovative Instructional Design Technology Design Team.

Enhance LMS infrastructure with new features and embedded technologies facilitating active learning and intuitive course structure.


Plan for Innovative Instructional Design and Technology Teaching Centers at each campus for faculty training on the use of technology.
Workforce Expand the Lake Worth facilities to meet community workforce needs Grow online classes in CE and WD areas  

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