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Strategy: Escalate Continuous Improvement

Strategy Tactics by Division



Divisions and Respective Tactics
Divisions Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3
AA Establish integrated planning (college-wide) based on pathways leveraging technology and business intelligence. Strengthen processes advancing evidence-based innovation and improvement. Utilize business intelligence to drive data-informed decisions.
Information Services Work towards having guided pathways for employees: have a clear progression outline for staff in order to better grow and retain talent. Permeate 4DX methodology into department and team plans: develop WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) for each department and team members. Transform from PNET support to Workday support to achieve performance excellence.
Instructional Design Technology
Facilitate and achieve twelve (12) QM course certifications annually. Implement Intentional Training in the use of Instructional Innovative Technology for faculty and staff to enhance the teaching and learning experience for all modalities of teaching.  
Workforce Invest in and implement branded, high quality leadership programs for community and staff. Work alongside the Business Department to implement a pathway for newly created CCE CS/IT for technology and business sustainability coursework. Create an innovative atmosphere to support the work and role of a new community Executive Leadership Council for WD advisement and
college advancement.
IA Advance the institutional advancement strategy to the PBSC Foundation Board members through the creation and implementation of policies, procedures and standards. Define outcome goals and objectives for the Institutional Advancement Strategy. Engage in a process management initiative to strengthen effectiveness of Workforce and Lake Work campus processes.

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