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Strategy: Grow Talent

Strategy Tactics by Division


  • Amplify Instructional Excellence
  • Honor Roll Great Colleges
  • Top 10% National Engagement


Divisions and Respective Tactics
Divisions Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3
AA Deliver opportunities to support 100% of Tier 1 competencies of the Pillars of Excellence. Create a certification program for Adjunct Faculty that aligns with the Pillars of Excellence. Create a physical hub on each campus where faculty can share, learn, collaborate, and invent in what that help students, faculty, staff, and administration achieve the goals of the institution.
Information Services Work towards having guided pathways for employees: have a clear progression outline for staff in order to better grow and retain talent. Permeate 4DX methodology into department and team plans: develop WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) for each department and team members.  
ADM/BS Evaluate online learning platforms for employees. Offer employees opportunities to attend fellowship programs. Design leadership program for supervisors.
  Create a staff-training program to develop the required supervisory skills and abilities within existing staff to lead them toward the potential of realizing job advancement.    
Instructional Design Technology
Continuous staff training for the eLearning and Innovative Instructional Design Technology Design Team in current and upcoming technology tools. Implement an expanded Quality Matters Certification through faculty training for 5 major disciplines in General Education offerings.  
Workforce Invest in and implement branded, high quality leadership programs for community and staff. Hire and regularly train talented instructors for WD/CE and WD/BDBusiness Development, CCP. Deliver professional development for Career Development Principles and Customer/case management model of service to employers.
IA Increase the awareness of the institutional advancement strategy to internal stakeholders with the scope of services provided by Institutional Advancement. Grow a diverse PBSC Foundation board. Create and implement a robust resource development strategy for the PBSC Foundation board.

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