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Strategy: Maximize Resources

Strategy Tactics by Division


  • UX Technology

Divisions and Respective Tactics
Divisions Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3
AA Develop a means to optimize course scheduling to maximize institutional resources.    
Information Services Improve cloud-based collaboration technology: develop cloud solutions that are simple to deploy and scalable, providing improved opportunities for collaboration. Implement business intelligence: work towards having a single plane of glass solution.   
ADM/BS Foster continuous, sustainability planning and efficiency improvements within college facilities capable of producing cost avoidance through operational effectiveness.    
Instructional Design Technology
Leverage technology, such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), OER (Open Educational Resources), LMS (Learning Management System) and others, to maximize use with bigger impact on teaching and learning. Facilitate adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) into 10 courses annually. Combine SLC and vendor online student tutoring into one platform to reduce the cost of vendor tutoring by 20% annually. Expand online tutoring to all modalities of delivery of courses.
Workforce Strengthen business community partnerships through a CRM data management program. Strengthen the relationship between the college and Career Source/ the Workforce Investment Board in growing appropriate education and certified training. Offer Groupon/Living Social discounts for online coursework.
IA Develop a comprehensive fundraising and grant strategy that aligns with college priorities and leverages in-kind and matching funds. Leverage advisory boards, business and industry relationships and engage in new relationships to enhance existing programs and identify new programs. Develop data analysis tool and evaluation to identify efficiencies, trends and advancement opportunities.

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