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Strategy: Apply Strategic Enrollment Management

Strategy Tactics by Division


  • 80% Top-of-mind Awareness
  • 15% Retention Rate Increase (part-time students)
  • 15% FTE Growth


Divisions and Respective Tactics
Divisions Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3
AA Deepen student connection to the College through intentional communications and touch points. Grow the Honors College  
EM/SS Implement case-management advising. Develop targeted recruitment initiatives.  
Information Services      
ADM/BS Develop a paid internship program for students.    
Instructional Design Technology
Join SARA to expand eLearning market to other US states, to increase online student enrollment. Provide case management advising to fully online cohort program students, achieving a 3% higher student comparative success rates. Provide substantial and appropriate technology tools to create an active learning environment that promotes retention and success in all course modalities.
Workforce Focus marketing investments in specific programs. Cultivate the current community ambassadors and Business Partnership Council members for further relationship development and potential collaborations. Advance STEM opportunities for high school students by developing summer and after school programs, summer camps, and other collaborative programming.

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