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Student Assessment Summary Reports

A new resource to help you select your courses and build your Palm Beach State College class schedule is now available!

Student Assessment Summary Reports allows you to review online all student assessments of courses and faculty for the three most recent terms.  This tool provides you with the student response ratings compiled from end-of-term course assessments.  Not sure what to expect from a class or which professor to choose? You can search by faculty name or course number, and you can specify any or all campuses.

These reports are designed to provide you with detailed information to make informed choices.  Simply enter the name of the instructor or course ID you would like to see...


And get a report showing cumulative ratings over the prior two terms, as well as a comparison of the instructor's average rating with the average of all instructors teaching the course.



That's all there is to it!  Go to to view Student Assessment Summary Reports.

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