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Research Reports and Surveys

The following reports are currently available for download. Reports will be added as they are produced. All documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format unless noted.


2017-18 reports

Graduating Student Survey 2017-18


2016-17 reports

Graduating Student Survey 2016-17 


2015-16 reports

Climate Survey Report, Fall 2015, Executive Summary
Statistical Report
Graduating Student Survey, 2015-16


2014-15 reports

Intake Survey, Fall 2014
Graduating Student Survey, 2014-15


2013-14 reports

Intake Survey, Fall 2013
Graduating Student Survey, 2013-14


2012-13 reports

Actual and Projected Numbers and Percentage Changes in Florida for PreK-12 Enrollment and Public High School Graduates
Intake Survey, Fall 2012
Graduating Student Survey, 2012-13


2011-12 reports

Intake Survey Trend Analysis, Fall 2008-2011
Graduating Student Survey, 2011-12
Class Withdrawal Survey, Fall 2011
FLDOE Level 1 Report: Palm Beach State College Graduates vs. SUS Natives
National Community College Benchmark Project Results and Peer Comparison, Benchmark Year 2011
Intake Survey, Fall 2011


2010-11 reports

Program Health Indicators, 2006-07 to 2010-11
Class Withdrawal Survey, Spring 2011
Graduating Students Survey, 2010-11
Class Withdrawal Survey, Fall 2010
Florida Student Textbook Survey, Palm Beach State Students
Intake Survey, Fall 2010
Convocation Evaluation, Fall 2010 
Intake Survey, Spring 2011
National Community College Benchmark Project Results and Peer Comparison, Benchmark Year 2010

2009-10 reports

Graduating Students Survey, 2009-10 
Logo and Slogan Survey, December 2009
Intake Survey, Fall 2009
Intake Survey, Spring 2010


2008-09 reports

Intake Survey, Fall 2008 (corrected)
Graduating Students Survey, 2005-06 to 2008-09


2007-08 reports

Spring Term Trends, 2004-08
Fall Term Trends, 2003-07
Student Services Usage by Students Age 25 and Over
Profile of Students Age 24 and Older (with Special Focus on Older Hispanic Students)
Annual Credit/Prep Summary Comparisons, 2003-04 to 2007-08 (as of 1/31/08)
Summer Term Trends, 2004-07


2006-07 reports

Annual Trends, 2003-04 to 2006-07
Intake Survey, Fall 2006
Fall Term Trends, 2003-2006
Fall Term Trends PowerPoint presentation
Spring Term Trends, 2004-2007
Term Trends Supplement


2004-05 reports

Employee Recognition Event, Fall 2004
Faculty Survey of Library Usage, Fall 2004
Music Technology Survey, Fall 2004


2003-04 reports

Development Day Evaluation, Fall 2003


2002-03 reports

Freshman Survey, Fall 2002
Career Center Survey, Spring 2003
Adjunct Faculty Survey, Spring 2003


2001-02 reports

Catalog Survey, 2001-02
College Preparatory Enrollment Analysis, Fall 2001
Graduation Ceremony Survey, May 2002
Survey of Telecourse Students, Fall 2001


2000-01 reports

Class Scheduling Satisfaction Survey, Student and Faculty Reassessment
Class Scheduling Survey

(If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free.)

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