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Strategic Planning at Palm Beach State College

strategic planThe 2012-17 Strategic Plan was approved by the Palm Beach State College District Board of Trustees in May 2012.  The plan was subsequently revised to accommodate the Completion Agenda and the time-frame was extended by one year.  The revised plan (2012-2018 Strategic Plan) was approved by the District Board of Trustees, February 2014. To implement the plan, the goals and objectives were assigned to administrative staff. (See Strategic Planning Action Plan Guidelines for the administrative assignments.)

Each assigned administrator will oversee the implementation of the goals and objectives.  To achieve this, the administrators will convene committees to develop action plans.

Role of the Committee
Each committee is responsible for the development of two action plans that help achieve the objective.  Once the action plans have been developed and approved, they will move to the implementation phase.  At that point, the committee will have an active role in ensuring that the action plan is implemented.

Institutional Research & Effectiveness will provide support throughout the implementation of the strategic plan.  A template has been designed to help committees submit action plans.  The plans will be reviewed initially by Academic Affairs and approved through the Executive Leadership Council.

For questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Donald Taylor


Past strategic plans

Strategic plan overviews are available back to 1999: 



2004-09 (The 2004-09 plan was revised in 2005, eventually becoming the 2006-09 plan.)


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