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Action Plans



SHORT TITLE/ (Committee)

G1O1 The College will advance a constant commitment to excellence in teaching and learning The College will increase the number and accessibility of faculty and staff development programs directly related to teaching and learning practices by 10% annually.

Professional Development: Faculty Plan


Professional Development: Staff Plan



The College will increase the percent of classes taught by full-time faculty to 55% by 2018.

Additional Full-time Faculty Positions



The faculty and instructor clusters will develop and implement plans for assessing course learning outcomes by 2018.

Course Learning Outcomes Assessment



The College will promote and practice operational efficiencies in all areas


The College will implement improvements to reduce waste in the use of resources throughout the College that will result in a 10% annual resource savings by 2018.

College-wide Wellness Initiative


Efficiencies through Sustainability Initiatives



The College will continue to provide an efficient infrastructure to support the teaching and learning environment.

Replace Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)



The College will implement multi-channel communications to reach 20% more constituents by 2018.

Communicating with External Constituents


Communicating with Internal Constituents



The College will respond to the current and emerging educational needs of the community with innovative educational opportunities

The College will annually align its curriculum by adding, deleting, and/or enhancing programs to meet local workforce needs.

Adding/deleting programs



The College will offer a full online A.A. degree and develop department-level course shells for general education and other high-demand academic areas by 2018.

Fully online A. A. degree (includes course shells)


G4O1 The College will practice effective enrollment management to endure optimal access, retention, program completion, and student success


The College will create and implement course scheduling based on student needs by 2016


Prescriptive student scheduling


Efficiency of space, human and fiscal resources


College-wide distance learning schedule


All courses in BlackBoard



The College will partner with Palm Beach County School District to develop and implement a comprehensive system to create a seamless transition to the College by 2018.

Transition to College


Career Academy Articulation



The College will create admission pathways for each Palm Beach State award type (A.A., A.S., B.A.S., B.S.N., P.S.A.V., A.T.D., A.T.C., C.C.C) by 2015.

My Pathway: Educational and Career Planning


Enhance Educational Planning Sessions



The College will create a systematic student communication process and calendar by 2018.

Communications Audit



The College will design and implement strategies to improve retention among at-risk students by 15% by 2018.

Increase retention among first-generation-in-college students



The College will increase completion rates by 15% by 2018.

Revised Re-enroll Drop/Stop-Outs


Automatic Graduation for P.S.A.V Programs



The College will create/implement an exit/finish strategy for each award type by 2018.

Transfer to a 4-year program


Transfer to job


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