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Student Assessment of Courses and Faculty

(If you are a faculty member, please go here.)

Online student assessments offer a quick, convenient and confidential way for you to provide valuable feedback on your courses. If you are taking credit or college preparatory classes at any of Palm Beach State College's four locations, off-campus sites or over the Internet, you will be eligible to take a student assessment online. This is your opportunity to assess all aspects of your courses: the course itself, teaching, classroom environment and materials, as well as to suggest ways to improve the course.

You may take a student assessment anytime after the withdrawal deadline until the last day of the class. We also will send you an email later in the term, inviting you to complete your student assessments online. 

For more information, please visit these other helpful pages:

Full tutorial, with screenshots
Student assessment privacy policy
Student assessment FAQ
Student assessment summary reports

Log on to PantherWeb now and select the "Evaluate Courses" Quick Link to see if you currently are eligible to take a student assessment!

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