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Faculty/Administrator Information

At Palm Beach State College, all student course evaluations are conducted online. Online assessments offer students an easy and confidential way to provide instructors and the college with valuable feedback regarding their classes and how they have been taught. Students access the system with their PantherWeb accounts, while faculty and administrators may monitor progress and view reports through Employee Web.

Online assessments also save valuable class time by allowing students to take the survey on their own, at a time convenient for them. Palm Beach State College may save as much as 500 classroom contact hours a year by conducting student assessments online.

The system also offers improved data quality and security. Stray marks, double marks and other limitations of the paper form that affect scoring are no longer an issue with the electronic system. And because students are not rushed to take a timed survey in a classroom, they are free to offer more thoughtful commentary. In addition, only your students can complete an assessment, and they can submit only one per class, per term.

Below are some additional resources designed to help you administer the Student Assessment of Courses and Faculty in your classes:

Faculty guide

Administrators guide

Increasing Student Assessment Response Rates: Tips from Your Colleagues

Student assessment forms:

Student assessment calendar and evaluation periods

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