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General Education & Institutional Learning Outcomes

The general education philosophy and learning outcomes are under revision. Final vetting will occur in 2017-2018, and revisions are expected to be finalized and effective by Fall 2019. Faculty who seek to add a general education designation for a given course should ensure appropriate alignment to one of the proposed institutional learning outcomes.


Philosophy Statement 

The General Education program at Palm Beach State College prepares students for lifelong intellectual pursuits and responsible participation in a complex global society through a core curriculum that encourages examination of diverse values and perspectives and offers students a depth and breadth of learning that transcends the content of any one specific discipline.

General Education Learning Outcomes

Communications: Demonstrate effective communication skills for a variety of audiences.

Humanities: Demonstrate an awareness of and an ability to effectively analyze creative works.

Mathematics: Demonstrate an understanding of mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems.

Natural Sciences: Demonstrate comprehension of fundamental concepts, principles or processes about the natural world.

Social Sciences: Understand and apply sociological, cultural, political, psychological, historical and economic principles to a global environment.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Critical Thinking: Engage in purposeful reasoning to reach sound conclusions.

Ethics: Demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions based on ethical principles and reasoning.

Global Awareness: Exhibit a sense of social, cultural and global responsibility.

Information Literacy: Demonstrate the ability to find, evaluate, organize and use information.

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